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New mum - overweight, lazy, and addicted to Jellytots ;-)

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KittyB52 Fri 05-May-17 19:11:53

Since my daughter was born (through surrogacy 7 weeks ago) I have basically eaten a load of rubbish. First two weeks both DH and I ate whatever and whenever we could in our dazed state. Since DH went back to work, I have struggled to find time to eat, let alone make healthy food for myself, as during the day, DD is very unsettled (possible silent reflux). We have opted for quick and easy junk food and I am now paying the price.

I would like to start eating healthily again - I managed Veganuary but since DD was born, I went back to being a vegetarian. I eat cereal for breakfast before DH goes to work, but then lunch and snacks are grabbed in the few minutes that DD is asleep.

It must be possible to have a vaguely healthy diet with a youngish baby - right? grin

Help, please.

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Mrsbclinton Fri 05-May-17 20:40:35

Congrats on your new baby.
You need to prepare as much as you can the evening before when your DH is around.
Make a healthy wrap or sandwich, and pop it in the fridge. Peel & chop fruit so you can snack while holding baby. Smoothies can be made and kept in fridge.
The tiredness in the early days is so hard and looking after yourself by eating healthy will give you a little bit more energy.

wannabeahermit Fri 05-May-17 20:43:33

Just enjoy your baby. I ate so much cake in the first few months through tiredness. It made me happy. Shifted the extra pounds when he was about 8 months. I did eat healthily as well. But a lot of cake smile

RubySlippers77 Fri 05-May-17 22:57:47

Oh gosh, I found this very hard too! It did help a bit going to Slimming World and being pointed in the right direction - but the cake was always tempting grin could you try buying healthier ready meals and just adding veg/ rice to them to bulk them out? OH & I bought lots from but didn't find the portions big enough; we may just be greedy, though!!

And tons of fruit at home so you always have something to snack on - bananas, apples, peaches, whatever you like. Plus cereal bars if they're healthier than what you're currently having.

Congratulations on your DD by the way flowers and do enjoy the early days as much as you can. On another note, do get other opinions on the reflux issue if you can, I was told that DS1 had it and he turned out to be lactose intolerant.....

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