How do you decide how much weight you want to lose?

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CeCeBloomer Mon 01-May-17 19:04:08

Am intrigued as to how you decide what weight you want to get to? When I read threads that says I have 2 stone / 4 stone etc to lose is it to get to a certain BMI etc? Mine goal is to get back to 9 stone 12 which was my wedding weight, at 5ft 6 I now have 13lbs to go, am 3 stone down from the day I gave birth 6 months ago

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charimito Mon 01-May-17 19:15:07

Mine has been completely based on BMI. Size has always been funny with me, as even when I was obese, I was a size 14,yes a large one but was not considered plus size.

CeCeBloomer Mon 01-May-17 19:50:33

But what BMI - to get into the healthy weight section or a specific number and why?

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CeCeBloomer Mon 01-May-17 19:50:59

Just intrigued as to why people pick a specific number

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BeWaterMyFriend Tue 02-May-17 00:02:43

Yes, I'm always a bit mystified when I see those thread titles, 'Need to lose 34lb in 10 weeks!' How do you know?!

MountainDweller Tue 02-May-17 00:08:58

I picked the top of a healthy BMI for my age and height. But I set interim goals too. First to lose 10%, then to get to merely unhealthy BMI instead of obese. Then I'll assess how much I need to lose from there.

Lucked Tue 02-May-17 00:19:27

I picked the weight I looked best at, I don't think I will look the same when I get there because I am older, not as fit and have had two kids. In the meantime getting into healthy weight range and various other smaller targets.

Coincidentally it is my "suggested ideal weight" as per various formula which can be found online.


Lucked Tue 02-May-17 00:21:37

take with a large pinch of salt

MirabelleTree Tue 02-May-17 06:31:14

I am going for around the top of healthy BMI. I'be decided this as I have large wrists for my height which allegedly means I have a large frame, plus a big chest plus my age.

If i were younger with a different build I would be aiming a bit lower. I'll review it when I get there and will probably discuss it with my GP then make a fair decision of where I should be. Then the hard bit, stay there.

charimito Tue 02-May-17 07:48:43

Yup, as someone who has been overweight her whole life I just aimed for a BMI of 25 as I have/had no idea how I would look slimmer but seemed like at least I would try to reach what is considered healthy.

CeCeBloomer Tue 02-May-17 09:25:40

Ooh that calculator was interesting - suggesting at the least I should be 5lbs lighter than I was aiming for!

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AmayaBuzzbee Tue 02-May-17 09:55:09

That calculator is pretty good (for me). The first ideal weight for me is actually exactly the weight I'd like to be. That's because at that weight I look and feel best -not too big and not too skinny, but just right.

Currently I am at the very top of my healthy range, have about 8-9kg to go to ideal weight.

toffeeboffin Tue 02-May-17 14:32:34

I need to get to 140, even hopefully 137 as this size means I can wear my favourite jeans.

Simple as.

toffeeboffin Tue 02-May-17 14:33:09

And I look my best at that weight.

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