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2 stone by Christmas - i need guidance please!

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FrogTime Sat 29-Apr-17 16:39:05

Hi all!

I'm hoping you lovely bunch might be able to help set me on my way (and please add to this thread if you're doing the same!)

I need to lose about 2 stone. No holiday or event so I've made up Christmas as my deadline.
I'm currently a size 18/20 and had my DD 16 months ago.
I'm my most comfortable when I'm a 14/16 (but that hasn't been the case in at least 4 years). I've still got my baby belly and my thighs/backside are the biggest they've ever been.

I am going to start walking more every week (there's a country park close by and DH will come with me) but I work shifts so would struggle to go to a weekly class.

Can anyone recommend a calorie counting app or something similar that has aided you?

I need to sort myself out, I saw myself on cctv the other day and it was the reality check I needed.
Thanks smile

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