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I need to lose weight and don't know where to start

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Goingtobeawesome Sat 29-Apr-17 15:03:14

I'm much too fat and part of me doesn't care but I know it's because I'm so demoralised and not very well emotionally.

I walk at least an hour every day with the dog and exercise in the home but have never lost any weight from exercise.

I've asked for help before but just can't get to grips with the advice and find it all hard work with everything else I have going on.

Not long until a get together and I'm dreading it as I look terrible. Everyone else is younger, thinner, prettier and I'm looking a mess.

I'm shattered physically and emotionally and it's making everything feel too difficult.

I'm going to take the dog for a second walk as I'm fed up so I'm not ignoring anyone who is kind enough to reply. Thank you.

I'm five foot five and a half. Thirteen stone ten ish. Forty five. And have an iPad that won't let me have numbers.

NSEA Sat 29-Apr-17 15:06:24

Keep up with the exercise, but change what you eat. Exercise alone won't actually make you lose weight, but it does speed things up if you eat the right things. Eat more fruit and veg and cut down on obvious junk.

NSEA Sat 29-Apr-17 15:08:18

have you considered a different way of making you feel a bit better. New outfit? Haircut? Nails done? That might be the confidence boost you need before you meet your friends. This way, if you don't shift any weight it won't matter

CaulkheadNorth Sat 29-Apr-17 15:14:58

Your body can get used to a certain amount of exercise, so if you've walked that amount for a long time it won't make any difference.

Do you enjoy swimming/cycling/Zumba etc? Something you can do with other people which is often a big motivator? Does your council offer free exercise classes?

Change your buying habits so you're planning meals for the week and only buying stuff for those meals. Don't buy snacks for a bit and try to be busier at times when you would have snacked.

I always feel better after a good hair cut, is that an option?

Goingtobeawesome Sat 29-Apr-17 16:44:45

I am due a hair cut. The lady did a good job last time I had it done but last month I chopped off three inches myself and while that looked good I tried to do my fridge and now it looks messy all the time. I hate going as I never know what to ask for and I'm rubbish at styling it. I'm quite a scruff.

My nails are a mess through lack of maintenance and I'm too embarrassed to go.

The get together is a dh family one and I'm dreading it for other reasons too.

I lost 9lbs - hurray, I have numbers, a few months ago but that was from three months of not being able to eat unless dh was here so just one meal a day. Not a healthy way to do it and it's all gone back on now. I've had my dog seven months and it hasn't brought any weight loss.

I don't actually eat that much generally but I do have times where I'm so low or tired and I have a wispa or a double decker. Not every day but a few times a week.

Goingtobeawesome Sat 29-Apr-17 16:45:05

Thank you.

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