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Walking trousers size 22-24

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AnythingConsidered Sat 29-Apr-17 08:11:25

Not strictly weight chat, rather a side effect but....

Anyone recommend a good place to buy plus sized walking trousers? It's like manufacturers think larger ladies won't want to be active!! I am training for Snowdon and need new trousers but struggling.

I am currently somewhere between a size 22-24 but all the main places near me (Mountain Warehouse, Go Outdoors, Cotswold Outdoor) only go to size 20 (& seem small sizing)

I am 2 stone down and hope to lose more, but not certain it will result in dress size drop or in time... besides I want walking trousers for now!

Arghhh... any recommendations out there?

fiftyplustwo Sun 30-Apr-17 04:54:25

Try to look at Fjaellraeven (Fjällräven) "Vidda Pro Trousers Women" the latter available in two versions 'regular' and 'short' (legs). Your size 22-24 is probably size no "48". I'm not going to elaborate on why I know how to convert between a 46-20 or 48-22. You can order it from Scandinavian/Swedish web shops just as I order stuff from the UK, to be shipped in the other direction (from Hobbs for instance). They only had one pair of pants in size 48, once you're down to 46 there are plenty to choose from, from both Fjaellraeven and Lundhags, both having their own shops in Sweden so you can contact them directly at their headquarters, or buy it online from one of the many web shops.

ChopsticksandChilliCrab Sun 30-Apr-17 06:07:55

I recommend M&S for comfy trousers that are great for walking in. Not cotton ones but stretchy soft fabric. Keep waterproof overtrousers in your rucksack which you can put on if it rains heavily. This is also a much cheaper option than buying Rohan or similar.

MurielsBottom Sun 30-Apr-17 06:26:31

Have you looked here OP?

fiftyplustwo Sun 30-Apr-17 06:41:19

You could also check the make 'Klättermusen' (klattermusen) they're online and have several pants, knickers, and skirts in large sizes (XL). Also a Scandinavian make. You could also look for Haglöfs (haglofs) - also a Scandinavian make but I find it's a bit on the small side when it comes to women's trousers. The Norwegian make Bergans may have something as well. Personally, I'd look at Fjallraven first, then Lundhags, then Bergans, Klattermusen, and finally Haglofs - in that order. For jackets I'd look in another order: Bergans, Lundhags, Klattermusen, Fjallraven, and finally Haglofs. For walking shoes I'd look at Meindl, Lundhags, or Crispi depending on the destination.

fiftyplustwo Sun 30-Apr-17 06:44:23

Thanks for the link to Regatta. For me personally - not an option - they're about 5 inches too short and even their long legs are three inches too short. :-(

Coops14 Wed 02-Aug-17 15:37:09

Cotton Traders do unisex waterproof fleece lined trousers for big bums. sizes go up to a 5X

jellybeanteaparty Sat 05-Aug-17 23:15:14

You may want to try mens xxl or xxxl craighoppers or karrimor they have some elastic in the waist and fit the female form better than expected and you can get the zip off ones.

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