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stores with scales

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rustyrivets1 Fri 28-Apr-17 12:17:25


Does anyone know if Boots still have in store scales? My friend is suppose to weigh me every Friday but keeps forgetting her scales and want to be able to do it myself (without buying my own at mo)

Do you know if they are accurate?

Lesley1980 Fri 28-Apr-17 23:40:33

Our boots still have them up the back near the pharmacy. I think they are pretty accurate.

Gwenhwyfar Sat 29-Apr-17 12:28:50

Yes, they're good, but go to the same Boots every time.

rustyrivets1 Sat 29-Apr-17 18:09:00

Thanks my local boots didn't have one but the Lloyds pharmacy did and it was free so that was a plus

noeffingidea Sun 30-Apr-17 17:55:27

My local Tesco has them as well. You can also get your BMI and body fat % worked out, though not sure how accurate the 2nd one is.

fiftyplustwo Sun 30-Apr-17 18:14:35

Why not buy second-hand on ebay, a cheap mechancial scale, or an electric (if you replace the battery)? (It's good enough).

bruffin Sun 30-Apr-17 18:16:03

Our leisure centre has one in the foyer

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