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JOIn me in a stop the nibbling and snacking campaign?

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Shurleyshummishtake Fri 28-Apr-17 07:07:34

Not specifically about weight loss but I eat so healthily but about 60% completely pointlessly

The evenings are the worst

So I wondered if anyone else fancied a bit of dedicated proper eating, and noting what we have and when we crumble for support

I can't seem to tolerate hunger.
If I'm travelling home at end of the day and I'm hungry, even if I've pre prepared tea and it will take seconds to heat up, I will eat anything I have on me and even pullover to buy something (did this last night and ate two apples from the garage!)

So prepping doesn't always help me

I nibble and pick and searchfood out and eat little bits of things as if that doesn't then count

I'm sure I need to enforce mindful eating and sitting properly for meals and learn to tolerate feeling hungry and know I won't starve!

Anyone else similar?

WeddingsAreStressful Sat 29-Apr-17 18:54:41

I'm the same, I hate hunger and tend to snack loads. Trying to lose weight and the only thing that's helped is not to allow myself ANY snacking at all. 3 meals a day - that's it. Snacking just doesn't work for me because I know I can't stop. Afternoons are the worst for me tbh.

SexandDrugsandaNiceCuppa Sat 29-Apr-17 20:11:57

Oh yes, me too. I can mindlessly graze my way through crisps, nuts, sweets, chocolate and anything else to hand, even when I'm not remotely hungry, and, shamefully, when I know full well that I'm going to be scoffing a meal within an hour or so. I think it's boredom in my case, (and shocking willpower).

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