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Pregnancy -- how much did you gain?

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pardrej Thu 27-Apr-17 21:56:06

I am 5 days PP, first baby all is lovely, I am breastfeeding. Although I obviously have better things to worry about..... I have just weighed myself, out of interest hmm, ...... I have gained 10.4 kgs confusedconfusedconfused

Please commiserate with me, make me feel better, or worse. Got to start thinking about getting into the weight loss frame of mind!

CeCeBloomer Fri 28-Apr-17 07:08:42

3.5 stone with dc1 and 2.5 with dc 2. In both cases 1.5 stone was gone in 6 weeks so don't worry about it - just concentrate on keeping your energy up for BF

mistermagpie Fri 28-Apr-17 07:36:50

About 4 stone with DS1 - was still 2 stone up about three months after birth but actually weighed less (and was a million times fitter) at 9 months post birth than I was before.

DS2 is 4 weeks old and I'm 1.5 stone above my pre pregnancy weight. I put on about 2.5-3 stone during the pregnancy, I'm pleased it was less than last time and know I can lose it again if I try.

It's worth saying that I was slightly underweight both times I got pregnant, so was told I would probably put on more weight than average. Not sure if that is the case for you?

mistermagpie Fri 28-Apr-17 07:38:13

Oh also - you're only 5 days pp, don't weigh yourself! You'll be carrying loads of extra fluid and things. Wait til things settle down.

eurochick Fri 28-Apr-17 08:09:28

I agree with magpie - it's too early to say what is actual "fat" weight gain at this point. You will still be full of extra fluid.

badg3r Fri 28-Apr-17 08:49:44

Only ten kilos... I have put on that much already and still ten weeks to go! By the time DS1 was one I was half a stone lighter than pre pregnancy and it stayed that way till I got pregnant again. It will be fine.

JustAKitten Fri 28-Apr-17 08:51:50

1.4 stone it was gone within two weeks

badg3r Fri 28-Apr-17 08:52:09

Should add, I was eating like a horse throughout that whole time. You will be amazed at how much energy breastfeeding requires.

pardrej Fri 28-Apr-17 10:25:36

Wow thanks everyone. It just gave me a bit of a shock as I don't feel that different.
I'm definitely not planning anything drastic, too sore for a start, and also have a beautiful little angel to care for who is keeping me very well occupied!!

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