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For those who stayed fit in pregnancy - how?

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theclick Thu 20-Apr-17 23:28:03

I'm looking to keep fit and would rather not put on 35 pounds but just what I need to so both baby and myself are healthy. How do I do this? Any tips from those who have managed it would be great! Right now I haven't massively stopped my usual pre pregnancy routine, which includes 20 min ab work twice a week and a short run twice a week. Also trying to do more walks as I've heard they're good in pregnancy.

wizzywig Thu 20-Apr-17 23:31:01

I did spinning throughout my pregnancies. But i know its not for everyone.

GemmaB78 Thu 20-Apr-17 23:36:36

Ran and cycled until it was too uncomfortable to do so. Rode my horse until week 37. Had daily horse duties to attend to - lifting, carrying, pushing wheelbarrow etc. - and walked as much as I could. Generally kept as active as bump would allow.

Autumnsweater Thu 20-Apr-17 23:39:46

Just try your best to keep up what you are doing but don't beat yourself up about it. I had the best intentions but had to stop my regular running as first I threw up every time I started to run, then went dizzy. I also had to stop my usual high-intensity yoga class and most of the hill walking and dog walking I do because I developed PGP. Sometimes your body just doesn't agree.
That said I haven't put on that much weight at all - I switched to swimming twice weekly and a pregnancy Pilates class, and just haven't really changed what I eat that much. Everyone comments that I am 'just' bump (no weight gain elsewhere) and I think that's more down to diet than exercise. But I didn't deliberately do this just haven't really felt like stuffing myself.

NewYearNewNickname Fri 21-Apr-17 00:10:47

I have two children and didn't put on more than 2 stone with either pregnancy. I didn't set out to do this but I didn't use my pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever took my fancy everyday (obviously we all do this occasionally). I also swam three times a week until 37 weeks and only stopped then as I was paranoid my waters would break in the pool!!

Iizzyb Fri 21-Apr-17 00:15:50

I did spinning until about 7 months & body balance (tai chi/Pilates/yoga) until overdue. I stayed really for & healthy. I put 3 stone on despite awful morning sickness. However I was still the same clothes size (just maternity) and it all came back off again pretty easily afterwards. I don't think you can really control the weight gain (unless you are massively over eating or being silly with it) but you can stay fit & healthy. Went back to gym when ds was about 8 weeks old & walked lots with the Pram etc then too x

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