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Jane Plan, Diet Chef etc

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Jungfraujoch Thu 20-Apr-17 19:43:42

Any recommendations? Good or bad?!

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Chchchchangeabout Thu 20-Apr-17 19:47:17

Jane Plan tastes disgusting. It tastes like plasticI asked for money back after eating two meals of first month's supply as they offer a money back guarantee and they charged me £100. Body chef is nice and healthy, proper food if not much of it. Diet chef I don't know.

limpit Thu 20-Apr-17 19:50:36

I'm sure I've read threads on here about Diet Chef being a complete rip off / scam? I may be wrong though.

Jungfraujoch Thu 20-Apr-17 20:00:26

Oh dear. Thanks for your comments though!

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