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Which fitbit and why

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user1482079332 Thu 20-Apr-17 18:39:12

Thinking of getting one. Which do you have and whyd you like it if you do?


Looking for a gadget to track steps, calories, and all that jazz? This thread is a little old. Check out our round-up of Mumsnetters’ favourite fitness trackers for the low-down on Garmin, Fitfbit and some other -cheaper- alternatives. MNHQ.

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TakeASipOfDancingJuice Thu 20-Apr-17 18:41:30

Charge 2, it's great. I had the Alta before but I lost it so I replaced it with the Charge as it has a watch type strap and it's much more secure.

Doublechocolatetiffin Thu 20-Apr-17 18:47:58

I've just got the Alta HR and really like it, seemed like it has almost everything the charge had but in a smaller package. The Alta HR has the watch type strap too. It's been motivating me to move a lot more and I'be already noticed I'm looking less chubby.

user1482079332 Thu 20-Apr-17 19:29:23

Thanks for responses, how much would you say the alta and charge 2 differ?

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scaredofthecity Thu 20-Apr-17 19:30:47

I got the

notasausage Thu 20-Apr-17 19:31:13

The Alta doesn't have an altimeter so doesn't count stairs (or at least the non hr one doesn't!). It's narrower and less watch like.

scaredofthecity Thu 20-Apr-17 19:31:54

I got the zip and lost it within a month as it fell off my bra... so not that one!

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