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Just started slimming world... wk1 great... wk 2 and 3 awful... what am I doing wrong??!!

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ojr1609 Mon 17-Apr-17 14:34:52

Hi all,

I have started slimming world from home and the first week all was good I lost 3lbs and since then despite an increase in exercise and better eating I'm not losing anything!
Am I right to think I can have 1 healthy extra a and b a day?
So if I have overnight oats, the oats count as a b? Does the yoghurt count as one or is it free?? I'm so confused right now!
So if I had overnight oats for breakie and then cous cous salad (not packet cous cous - home made) for lunch how do I work out what to do with the cous cous??

I have around 4 1/2 stone to lose and would like to lose a chunk of it for my hubbies 50th where I've booked a surprise few days away in The algarve - no way this body is going on a beach!!!

Any help and guidance on what I can eat for lunch (seems to be a sticking point) would be fab.

Thanks in advance 😊😊

DoNotBringLulu Mon 17-Apr-17 16:24:14

Hi ojr, I've lost 12lb so far on Slimmers World, lost no weight last week though....anyway you are right. X1 healthy extra a), I have 30g cheese, x1 healthy extra b) I have 3 sesame ryvitas. Low fat yogurt is free food. At meal times, third of your plate should be super free food such as veg or salad other 2/3 other free food. I am not very good at counting my syns, but we get 5 to 15 per day....for example 16 chocolate buttons are 4 sins.

ojr1609 Mon 17-Apr-17 16:40:35

Hi donot,

Thank you so much. Much appreciated x

I'm just writing a food plan for this week. Think it might help me!!!

CurbsideProphet Tue 18-Apr-17 15:33:54

Ive lost about a stone over 5 weeks. I eat:

Breakfast: porridge made with milk

Lunch: homemade pasta salad, mullet light yogurt, slimming world bar.

Tea: bolognese with jacket pot/ slimming world meatballs with pasta/ homemade chicken casserole / some other variations.

Evening snack: muller light yogurt, sunbites.

Btw I don't pay to go to a group and don't understand the healthy extras!

ojr1609 Fri 21-Apr-17 18:35:10

Thank you! Where do you get your bars from if you don't go to class?

creampie Fri 21-Apr-17 20:58:05

You can get them on eBay

CurbsideProphet Fri 21-Apr-17 21:44:06

My friend pays to go weekly, so she gets them for me grin

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