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Post Easter weight loss anyone?

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Heirhelp Mon 17-Apr-17 08:09:27

So I am going to do SW again. I was doing well but then I had a little rest. I have lost 1 1/2 stone but have another 3 to go. I am unsure if I should go to class or just get my DH to do weigh my in as I was returning from maternity leave at the same time.

I am going on holiday in 6 weeks and wish to lose a stone by then.

twobambinos Mon 17-Apr-17 08:20:35

Me please starting today. I'd also like to lose a stone in 6weeks. I'm going to cut out the junk and up the exercise to at least 5days a week.

Heirhelp Mon 17-Apr-17 08:23:27

I am starting tomorrow. I do need to exercise but I am struggling to find the time as a have a Velcro baby.

TheOriginalChatelaine Mon 17-Apr-17 09:20:02

I've lost a stone in 6 weeks, from mid Feb to end of March more since then, 11stone to 9 stone 4 with half a stone to go. 1.52 m tall, age 54. That was with no exercise until mid March as I had a cold and cough. This is working for me:
Low carb, so no sugar therefore no processed foods. No alcohol. The benefits of that are amazing, I think I've given up for good and don't miss it. Wine was responsible for the weight I was carrying around my middle and was the last area to shift. I eat: Jacket potato maybe once a week. No rice or pasta except occasional risotto made with lots of mushrooms and chicken. Calorie counting using a free app Myplate. I began by working out my daily requirement for my weight goal and I have stuck to that with no exceptions. No treat days ad I don't feel deprived. What I do eat is: fish, shell fish, meat but rarely lamb. Pork loin chops are the highest in protein. Lots of non starchy vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, salad stuff. Lots of seasonal asparagus at the moment, pan fried or steamed, served with poached or scrambled eggs and good ham. I seem to have gone off cheese but some would be okay. Cottage cheese is great, high in protein, Lidl do a good one. I make a chicken ceasar salad using a whole poached then sliced chicken breast & one rasher of back bacon; tossed with shredded romaine lettuce and a home made dressing using a recipe I googled which includes mayo (Helmans full fat, parmesan, djion mustard, anchovie sauce) I use butter and rapeseed oil, occasionally Olive oil. To make a mayo dressing go further with fewer cals I add greek yoghurt. Limited fruit, pears are great for fibre. Stir fries. Grains & pulses if exercising. This is just to illustrate that you can eat really well and enjoy some lovely tasty meals. Two weeks ago I began intermittent fasting and what suits me is 18:6. In the morning I have as much black coffee, herbal tea as I like. Lunch at 1pm ish & dinner about 6 or 7 pm. Nothing but herbal tea or water after that. I find if I eat breakfast I feel hungry all day and would rather save my meals for later in the day. Anyway, sorry this is so long! Just wanted to say that your goal is so doable.

FFSenoughofthis Mon 17-Apr-17 09:26:50

I'm also going away in ~6 weeks and wanting to lose a stone. I started last monday and think I've lost 4lb, avoiding weighing until tomorrow though!

I've found batch cooking t have been amazing for me this week, all I've had to do is defrost something from the freezer!

Loubilou09 Mon 17-Apr-17 09:33:11

I am in! Lost 2 stone already but want to lose another 1-1.5 before the summer. I have also given up alcohol in the main since September (had some over Christmas and also on special days and holidays). I am calorie counting and mainly low carbing as it's so much easier to control hunger/blood sugar without sugar and carbs in your body. Have upped the exercise massively since January so going to continue with that. Will write more later but just going for a session with my Trainer.

Good luck!

Gemi33 Mon 17-Apr-17 18:29:21

I'd love to lose a stone at least in 6 weeks but not sure how possible that is. Can I ask about SW? I have never done it but I'm toying with the idea as I have been really struggling just trying to eat healthily. I like the idea of going to a group but I think what puts me off is that it sounds really complicated. From the bits I've heard about it - speed, super speed, free food, just sounds a lot. I've only ever counted calories in the past and this just sounds quite complicated and I'm worried I won't understand it - do you find it straightforward?


ZaraKeyOui Mon 17-Apr-17 18:45:28

I need to lose about 20lbs - my bmi is 24.9 for the first time ever. I'm only 5'1 and all the weight is on my middle so I look really stout.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it, I have really low energy anyway with anaemia so can't do a lot of exercise but can certainly do some diet adjustment. Eating eat less chocolate would help.

Bubblysqueak Mon 17-Apr-17 18:49:25

I'm in. I have put on 8lbs since Christmas and ideally need to lose that plus the remaining stone prior to Christmas (before that I had lost 3 stone).
I have signed up for netball starting in may and am dusting off the 30 day shred to give me a kick start.
I have 0 will power though say need huge kicks up the backside, frequently.

FFSenoughofthis Mon 17-Apr-17 20:05:34

I'm 5'1 as well, my bmi's around 26 atm sad a lot of it seems to be on my thighs - they've gone huge! Really can't wait to see my shape changing back to how it used to be!

Heirhelp Mon 17-Apr-17 20:47:22

Gemi33 it depends on how much you have to lose but if you are committed then a stone in 6 weeks is doable. I am not normally that comitted but I have a lot to lose.

SW takes a bit of time to get your head around but once you figure it out then it is not complicated.

Pheonixnights Mon 17-Apr-17 22:24:56

I'm in. I would absolutely love to lose the 1st I've been carrying around for far too long. I'm really hoping I can get rid before the start of the summer.

CharleyDavidson Mon 17-Apr-17 22:56:50

I'll happily join. I also have a (UK family) holiday in 6 weeks. And a holiday with my girls in Spain in the summer holidays too.

I have put on a stone above the (overweight) weight I always managed to maintain without thinking about it when I was put on a new medication which has weight gain and difficulty losing weight listed as a common side effect. However, I know that although it is slower when I try to lose weight, I mostly have my bad habits to blame!

So I am aiming to try and shift it. I used to do ww and do quite well, until they changed the plan and now I find it awkward and I don't lose well or find it easy to stick to. I may investigate it though.

I have a weekly exercise class, but aim to up my walking, spend less time sitting on my bum and maybe try another class at a different place. DH also brought home a stepping type exercise machine from helping a friend clear her storage unit, so it's in the hall (only space for it) and that might be used for some time each day - if I can get my bum in gear.

CharleyDavidson Mon 17-Apr-17 23:15:20

Oh, and I'll be dieting too of course!
No breakfast as I can never be bothered. Protein/salad lunch with some fruit. And usually a cereal bar but I need to see if I can knock that on the head to cut back on the carbs a bit.
Protein and salad/veg dinners with a sensible amount of carb food.

Then aim to really limit the treats and alcohol - although I don't drink much to begin with.

Starting when I've eaten the rest of my choc which should be gone after tomorrow!

busyboysmum Mon 17-Apr-17 23:23:58

I'm in. Back from 2 weeks in the sun feeling fat so need to get back on it for the summer pronto. Was feeling great before I went away so I know I can recapture that. Just need to climb back on .....

Heirhelp Wed 19-Apr-17 06:44:18

How was yesterday? First day and I slipped up with a piece of coffee cakeblush. I managed to find time to do the 30 day shred though so hopefully that will help me stay on track today.

Loubilou09 Wed 19-Apr-17 09:40:56

First day was good! Did a good long walk of about 10K steps and went to Zumba last night. Ate 1300 calories although wasn't 100% low carb but got my period this morning so that explains why I was after a bit of stodge. On track for a good day today - was going to run but friends on whether tummy ache subsides, if not good long walk again and Ximba again tonight.

Breakfast - omelette
Lunch - tuna salad or soup
Dinner - not sure yet

Must must keep drinking the water as that really helps!

Good luck all

Loubilou09 Wed 19-Apr-17 09:41:54

"Depends" on whether tummy ache subsides...

Loubilou09 Wed 19-Apr-17 21:03:53

So finished today on 1400 calories as had a bit of chocolate - need to stop that and go fully low carb as of tomorrow. Just a bit meh due to period and still wanting stodge. Dinner was butternut squash spaghetti and Bolognese sauce which was delicious.

Anyone else going to comment on this thread? Was hoping we were going to be busy and off to a flying start!!!!

ZaraKeyOui Wed 19-Apr-17 22:23:42

Ive had not a bad few days but each day had chocolate too - always my downfall and a few hundred calories I don't need.

Ive also took a picture of myself for motivation. My stomach looks v big compared to my arms and legs. It does motivate me to take this diet seriously as abdominal fat is the most unhealthy.

DrMadelineMaxwell Thu 20-Apr-17 21:40:10

I've not started yet..... blush ... too many awkward things Im going to over the next couple of days to easily eat healthily and I don't want to start off feeling like I've failed.

Tomorrow is afternoon tea with my family, but its at 1pm, so will qualify for lunch and dinner.
Saturday will be a light lunch because it's a friend's birthday and we are going to an indian for dinner and then on for drinks. I offered to drive though so there won't be alcohol for me.

Then I shall have a sensible Sunday to ease myself into it properly.

I've signed up for 3 months of nutracheck to count my calories and keep me on the straight and narrow and my pebble watch has a pedometer built in. Being back at school/work will also make things a lot easier.

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