13 weeks countdown til summer holidays begin, I want to wear shorts this year!!

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twoandahalftimesthree Sun 16-Apr-17 00:04:19

For years I managed to maintain my weight but since I turned 40 and had a injury which prevented me doing my usual exercise the weight has slowly crept on. I was just over 11st on my 40th but two and a bit years later I am at least 12 st 8 (just come back from a week on holiday where I really overindulged, I will weigh in accurately tomorrow morning!) The last time I was this heavy I was pregnant!
Earlier this year I did 5 weeks very strict (no sugar, low carbs, no wine, no gluten). In the first week I lost 6 lbs and then no further loss for the following 4 weeks! I never strayed from my restrictions, ate a huge amount of non starchy veg so I didn't feel hungry but it was a big commitment and after a month of no loss I fell off the wagon.
Predictably, i have now put back on those 6 lbs and added another 3 for good measure!
I had an operation to repair my injury 3 weeks ago and now feel recovered enough to start back with my exercise which I feel may have been the missing ingredient from my last weight loss attempt (i hope so, cos otherwise wtf?!)
I have just worked out there are 13 weeks until the schools break up for summer holidays so that seems like a reasonable time frame with a specific end point. If I lost 1.5 lbs a week for 13 weeks that is almost a stone and a half which would bring me down to very nearly my comfort zone weight wise.
I am now committing to exercising for 20 mins everyday (at least on average) and going back to my low carb, low sugar WoE.
I have just got to do it!!!! If there's anybody who'd like to buddy up and join me here that would be great.

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paulapantsdown Sun 16-Apr-17 00:15:05

If you want to wear shorts then just wear them!

twoandahalftimesthree Sun 16-Apr-17 00:17:44

Ok, I want to feel confident wearing shorts- should have been more specific!
My knees (along with several other parts of my body) are just wobbly lumps at the moment therefore I am not confident to have them on show.

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twoandahalftimesthree Sun 16-Apr-17 07:47:02

So, I'm going to need some strategies for this.
1. weigh myself everyday (without this I drift off plan so easily)
2. Eat homemade bone broth based soup everyday (fills me up and gets plenty of veg/goodness in too)
3. Treat myself to indulgent baths, face masks, pedicures etc instead of food
4. concentrate on a diet of abundance- fish/meat/protein plus a ton of veg

Maybe also join slimming world, just to have the discipline of a weekly weigh in. Just checked and there is one down the road from me on a thursday. I can't go this week as we are away for a couple of days again (need a plan to cope with this, its ds' birthday too so there'll be lots of cake floating around) but I could sign up for a 12 week course next week and that would take me up to summer hols.

I guess my main problem with sticking to a WoE has always been that I am terrible at meal planning. It seems so simple until I come to do it, then I get overcome by restrictions and choices and my brain goes into metldown and then one evening I am too tired to cook I just eat crap and then it all goes horribly wrong. I have been looking at online menu planners but they seem terribly expensive subscriptions. Real plans is $14 a month! Sounds like a rip off to me but maybe worth a try? If it works out it could easily save me that money on grocery shopping I reckon.

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delilahbucket Sun 16-Apr-17 11:24:09

Don't cut anything out of your diet. You will only lose motivation again and pile it back on. Eat more protein so you are fuller for longer and learn what fills you up for the least amount of calories. How can you get the most bang for your buck in terms of food, basically. If you want food inspiration, buy the Hairy Bikers Dieters book. The food in here is fantastic. I adapt the recipes so while they do have more calories in, I still eat the same as DP and DS, just less. I use my fitness pal to work out what calories are in what I'm cooking and then base my portion size on the calculations. I don't change my shopping habits, just eat less and weigh everything.

Xoticdreamz Sun 16-Apr-17 14:35:49

Hey ,I would love to join you .My aim is also to feel great in shorts by about the 4 th of July when I go on holiday .
Im 5 ft 1 and will weigh in tomorrow but I think I'm around 10 stone . That time of the month so might be more .
Until around three years ago I was always under 9 stone unless pregnant but I dunno if it's age (39) or greed but the weight always goes back on .
I would really love to be 8.7 stone again .
I also weigh every day and have done various diets low carb or low calorie but I'm thinking like you to increase soup intake and try to snack on boiled eggs / chicken rather that toast and crisps .

Xoticdreamz Sun 16-Apr-17 14:36:49

Also got an exercise bike recently and am aiming to burn 200 cals on that most days.


Chocolateorangegoblin Sun 16-Apr-17 14:45:56

Oh me please! I weigh about 12st6 and would like to get down to 11st before summer so we can try for another baby and so I don't feel awful in summer clothes.
Going to just try and track calories and cut carbs and sugar but not out completely as I will fail!
Also just started the couch to 5k and been on my excercise bike more so will try an keep that up.
I am serious sleep deprived ATM though thanks to the little one and I usually head straight for cake and sugar when I'm tired so it's going to be tough!

twoandahalftimesthree Sun 16-Apr-17 14:48:27

I've looked at hairy bikers- some of those recipes look nice! but I think I do have to cut stuff out, I find it practically impossible to eat small portions of 'normal' food. Its better for me to go cold turkey on any indulgences as I cannot only eat a little. I'm very used to cutting things out anyway as I gave up nightshade vegetables years ago to help control my psoriasis. Also, i have tried it but i'm afraid i don't have enough patience to be weighing portions and logging everything on mfp.

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twoandahalftimesthree Sun 16-Apr-17 14:54:42

chocorange, being tired makes me just eat anything and everything! I think it is a vicious circle tho as eating rubbish stops me from sleeping, then i eat more rubbish... i only had about 4.5 hrs last night, I'm sure its because i have eaten crap for a week.
I weighed in this morning and had guessed correctly at 12 st 8.
xotic, soup def helps me, whenever I have a craving I know i can have a cup which fills me up nicely. Lots of people are talking about the benefits of bone broth too so I am using that for soup bases. I just need to stay organised so I always have some handy.

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May50 Sun 16-Apr-17 15:01:09

I'm in. Need to lose about 1.5 to 2 stone. I'm now trying to only eat between 12 and 8 pm. Low carb, no sugar - but still allowing red wine and dark choc. Aim to do 30 min exercise 3 times a week. Problem is I drive to work and sit down in front of a computer all day! I'm finding if much harder to lose weight than when I was younger.

twoandahalftimesthree Sun 16-Apr-17 15:59:30

Hi may50, I think I will do some fasting too, I found it effective in the past. I didn't get along with 5:2 fasting because as I said in earlier post I find it v difficult to restrict quantity. So to try and make 500 calls last three meals throughout day is a huge challenge and I am chewing on chair legs but going without anything is fine by me, I can last until 6pm quite happily and then have a substantial meal with the 500 Cala that satisfies me.
Thanks v much everyone for joining me!

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May50 Sun 16-Apr-17 16:51:26

Twoandahalf - yes I know what you mean with 5 : 2 I tried but was so miserable on the fast days. I've done 2 days now missing breakfast and it was ok , so I'll give that a go. I've never not had breakfast but to be honest I got up and ate breakfast because that's what you do , not because I was hungry . Just done 30 min on treadmill in front of the TV so that's me for the day ( and no Easter eggs as I already ate mine before Easter! - obviously in anticipation of my new healthy eating plan) smile

twoandahalftimesthree Sun 16-Apr-17 17:24:35

I have just finished making two batches of soup using chicken bone broth. I did 45 mins yoga first thing (quite intense- dd couldn't keep up) then I took dc swimming (at least 20 lengths) and sauna after (that burns calories too after all) then cooking and other housework this afternoon.
Proud of myself that I haven't nibbled on any of dc easter eggs, I had nothing until 3pm sunday dinner which was chicken in a creamy sauce but with loads of steamed veg so overall not too bad. No pudding either even tho it was chocolate roulade (my favourite!)
May50- I also ate breakfast for years just because we've been told by the 'experts' that we should. I am much better off without it, I have more energy and don't feel hungry yet if I have breakfast I am starving by 11.45am! I wonder if the 'experts' are actually breakfast cereal manufacturers?

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May50 Sun 16-Apr-17 18:24:10

Ha twoandahalf you're probably right about the so called experts. Well done today , you've been very energetic, start as we mean to go on.... For me it's sticking to it, I know it needs to be a lifestyle change. I want to be fit and healthy as I get older (middle aged onwards) . Don't want to be skinny , just feel better in myself, and 2 stone loss I'll be skipping down the road !

123andBreathe Sun 16-Apr-17 18:35:35

I'm in!

My holiday is 6th July (plus I am turning 50 during). I am 12 st, and would ideally want to lose 2, but a more realistic goal would be 1 1/2. From experience I know I can manage a stone in a month (the bigger I am the quicker it comes off at first for me). But then it will slow.

I totally agree about the breakfast. I eat loads more in the day if I have it.

Will not be making any bone broth though grin.

My downfall is probably wine, so have also downloaded a book I have seen recommended by Jason Vale, because if I cut that out, I will for sure be eating less rubbish in the evenings too - fingers crossed.

Xoticdreamz Mon 17-Apr-17 09:56:22

Morning . Have you got a decent recipe twoandahalf? Might give it a try . Hello to everyone .
Weighed myself this morning
9 stone 13 .
Wine is a big downfall of mine and all the crap I shove in when a bit tipsy so only really limited and I'm going to drink gin instead.
Hope you all have a great day.

twoandahalftimesthree Tue 18-Apr-17 07:52:42

Recipe for bone broth is just whatever bones you have (chicken or beef are best) tablespoon of cider vinegar, bay leaf, throw in a chopped stock of celery and a carrot if you like, enough water to cover all bones, then cook very long and slow (I use pressure cooker for 2-3 hours). Then strain through a sieve. It can be drunk straight but I find it a bit too meaty so I make it into soup.

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LiveLifeWithPassion Tue 18-Apr-17 08:59:27

Hi. Is like to join please.
The thought of being 1.5 stones or so lighter for the summer is very appealing.
Forget about shorts. I just want to look better in t shirts and dresses! I hate all my pics lately and would love to have decent pics this summer.

I'm also not eating breakfast and don't want to eat outside of a 12-7 time slot. I've done it before and it works for me. It also helps me get loads done in the morning while I kill time waiting for 12.

I've already started running and am aiming to do 5km. ive also got my bike out of the shed and have been cycling a few times.

That recipe sounds good. I'm going to make some lentil soup with a bone broth base for lunch.

Xoticdreamz Tue 18-Apr-17 12:33:49

Soup sounds great . I might try to make it on wed or Thursday.
Placing a after 7 ban on eating has worked for me before live life . Think I might go for an 8 pm one .
I weighed in again at 9st 13 .
An okay day yesterday , soup , lamb with chickpeas, a couple of gin and slim and lentil curl crisps at night .. not great but not the worse.
Burned 200 cals on the exercise bike as well.

LiveLifeWithPassion Tue 18-Apr-17 13:39:53

I made the lentil soup. It was amazing. I added coconut milk, ginger, garlic and spinach to it.
I'm so much happier eating good nourishing food but I just get lazy and resort to toast.
I had a few crisps (my ultimate weakness) and about 10 grapes.
Now nothing except some green tea til dinner (fish and veg plus a couple of new potatoes)

May50 Tue 18-Apr-17 14:28:26

I've now done the stopping eating at 8pm three nights in a row, just made me realize how I would aimlessly snack if just plonked on the sofa - more out of boredom.. Now I think 'oh I'll just get a little snack' then I realise I can't as it's after 8pm - it's not hunger it's just something to do. last night instead of snacking I actually walked on treadmill in front of TV for 30 mins. At work today there are yummy looking cakes (as always!) on the side, someone is always making and bringing in something or other - but I have resisted! Nothing til 12pm today, then chicken salad and an orange. On track...

123andBreathe Tue 18-Apr-17 17:40:29

I like the sound of your lentil soup LiveLife - anyone's recipe in particular?

Walked 4 1/2 miles today and yesterday. Have had hummus, and loads of veg for lunch, and chicken and salad is on the menu for dinner. Had the same yesterday.

Haven't weighed myself yet, but will do in the morning.

MercyMyJewels Tue 18-Apr-17 18:26:35

Me too! Also have joined the other thread. Need to lose a stone. Might also order that hairy bikers book as new recipes would be good. If I can prepare food in the morning, all the better as evening time is my danger period but if food is ready-ish then I'm fine

More exercise too

LiveLifeWithPassion Wed 19-Apr-17 00:13:04

Breathe I based it on this recipe and made my own chicken stock but you don't need to.

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