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BBC programme: "Obesity: How prejudiced is the NHS?" Did you see it?

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Draylon Wed 12-Apr-17 15:55:45


Watched it last night. It's a bit long, could've been half an hour but it is interesting.

I think the well-made point is that actually, despite whether gastric bypass surgery is being offered - or refused- for any reason, the cash it potentially saves the NHS has got to be worth it, hasn't it? Yet it's hardly used.

My only 'concern' was for the very overweight woman, towards the end, with the heart problem, who, upon hearing first time that she wasn't a candidate, admitted to eating a normal person's daily food intake in 3 hours.

I wonder how successful the Three Tier exercise and counselling sessions are in combating that response to adversity? It would take a serious change of mindset to overcome that, poor lady.

sebashocked Thu 13-Apr-17 20:48:44

Just watched it and erm <dons hard hat and prepares to be slated> found it rather biased. The main focus seemed to be on increasing access to surgery rather than adopting less drastic measures. The lack of input from an opposing medical view about why certain treatments may be withheld was enormously frustrating e.g. yes, your knee problem is potentially fixable with surgery but given your weight the clinical outcome is very unlikely to be positive in the long term hence it makes little sense to put you through a costly procedure which may well have life threatening complications of which you are at increased risk because of your weight etc etc etc. Could have been a very interesting programme if only more impartially presented.

Draylon Mon 17-Apr-17 13:59:15

Yes, I admit the presenter's total unwillingness to recognise that the obese people do bear some responsibility for their condition frustrating.

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