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12 weeks to lose some weight- wwyd?

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Draylon Sun 09-Apr-17 15:39:41

My issue is that, embarrassingly, I hit the menopause big time and have put on a stone since last summer (now 13/10, I'm 5'6", and 54).

I am aware that overeating and enjoying the odd additional glass of pinot, coupled with my innate laziness, is the culprit, here!

But I have discovered that none of my summer clothes fit!!

So, I need to do something about it.

I am thinking low GI and stepping up the exercise; knocking the wine on the head during weekdays, no snacking.

I would consider the lo-carb bootcamp but, if I'm completely honest, although it all sounds great, I fear there's no way I would sustain that WOE, and the weight would shoot back on the second I restarted carbs. I am also not keen on carb flu, bad breath, and basically making my body fuel itself differently.

Sadly, I have, right now, quite a bad back, an occupational hazard, so there'll be no 'Megablaster hi-octane aerobics for the time being, though the treadmill is being fixed tomorrow, and I can usually manage 30 mins at 3.6mph every day.

So, faced with 12.5 weeks to lose some sensible weight, WWYD?

How would you motivate yourself? Would you weigh daily? Measure daily? Join Slimming World?


Yorkshirebornandbred Mon 10-Apr-17 01:25:42

Sorry, I'm not sure but watching with interest, I'm also menopausal, 52, 5 foot 7 and weigh 12 stone 9, ideally I need to lose at least 2 stone, I also struggle to exercise due to health problems. I'm thinking I might eat weight watchers meals and soup and muesli, cut out snacks and alcohol and drink black coffee and water only

Nellyphants Mon 10-Apr-17 06:15:14

I'd cut alcohol completely for a few weeks anyway. Concentrate on eating good food, Nothing processed & reduce portion size. Sadly for me as I'm perimenopasual I just can't eat as much as I once could. This is despite walking 20k steps a day & weights x 5 days. I don't think of what I do as a diet. This is how I live now.

user1491818182 Mon 10-Apr-17 13:24:02

Hello, you can do some cardio exercise to lose weight. I did the boxing training for three months, lose 1 stone, it is interesting and fun. You can in 12 weeks to lose some weigh, let's do it.

Draylon Mon 10-Apr-17 14:29:43

182- I'd be willing to throw myself into some heavier-duty aerobics, but unfortunately, and with its normal impeccable timing, I've screwed my back again. I can't walk more than 10 paces right now!

It's a bit of a vicious circle, I put on weight that makes joint and spine problems more likely, but I struggle to shift the weight because I can't exercise!

Nelly - yes, I think I'll cut way back on the alcohol. We're away at a 'do' next weekend where I suspect I'll have 'the odd glass'.

But I weighed again this morning (after 2 cups of tea) and I'm 1lb heavier than yesterday!! I know 1lb is neither here nor these on a daily basis, but that's getting dangerously close to 14 stone shock

Tattyhabits Wed 12-Apr-17 00:07:50

Hi Dralon, are you me? wink

I'm very much the same, Lost 2 stone 3 years ago by cutting calories, put it all back on plus a bit.

I started in New year weighing 13st 5 at 5'6'' and today weigh 12st 8. I've made a few changes

1) Stopped drinking wine during the week

2) Added 50g full fat Total Greek yoghurt to my 45g muesli in place of milk (for good bacteria)

3) 5 a day every day (was gobsmacked to find a portion was 80g!)

4) Julienned carrots and courgette instead of spaghetti and cauliflower rice in place of uncle ben's (not always but just mostly)

5) Drinking more water (read somewhere that you burn 200 calories a day drinking water!!)

6) Bought a hula hoop blush

The first few days were really not good, I felt ghastly, had no energy, headaches, I stomped and raged, poor DH couldn't do right for doing wrong! It did pass though, (I think when I started drinking more water) and I feel fine now.

Hula hooping just makes me laugh. I am truly awful at it but I'm having fun trying 😆

Oh, and for the back problems I found this site very helpful:

SorrelSoup Wed 12-Apr-17 00:13:24

After trying lots of things I've discovered that my body doesn't actually need many calories, even though I do!!! 1200 per day on mfp and the weight is falling off for the first time in years. When I stick to it. It's flexible and free. If you want a big lunch, fine, but you have to have vegetable stir fry for dinner etc. I've also stopped drinking alcohol and save it for going out and special occasions. Good luck!

Draylon Wed 12-Apr-17 12:49:13

Thanks, tatty (great weight loss!) and sorrel!

I weighed again this morning (yes, I know it's just water loss!) but was glad to see that from Sunday to now, I am 2lbs down in total.

I agree that I need fewer calories than I was consuming, especially post-meno; and wine calories really are 'empty'! Tho fun...

I will drink more water, for sure.

I admit I don't tend to eat breakfast, partly because I never know what to eat! Currently I am eating 2 nights' ago left over cottage pie, which apart from a glass of water and a cup of tea, is the first thing I've felt like eating today; however, I sleep so badly that on leave, as now, I lie in so I didn't get up til 10.30am grin

I hoped my back was improving but it doesn't feel like it this morning...

Tattyhabits Wed 12-Apr-17 18:02:14

Sorry to hear your back is still bad, hope you can find some relief soon. I've been toying with the idea of doing some yoga, but the thought of getting down on the floor, failing to execute any moves and then heaving myself up again is really not very appealing at the moment.
I've been pondering a lot lately about how more and more folk are struggling with their weight. There must be a common denominator, I mean, people now are no more lazy or greedy than people were 40 years ago are they? There were fewer supermarkets of course in those days so perhaps they're part of the problem, offering temptation in the form of goodies and time saving ready meals full of cheap ingredients and preservatives. Putting this blossoming theory to the test, I've started buying meat from the butcher and fruit and veg from the market, and only buying essentials like tea, tinned tomatoes, loo roll etc. from a list when going to the supermarket. Anyway, Ramble over, time to think about dinner....😜

ClarenceOddbody Wed 12-Apr-17 18:15:14

Really interesting Tatty - I think there are just so many opportunities to buy food nowadays! Eg I have a long train journey to work and if I get hungry, and haven't been organised by bringing anything healthy with me, the options are unhealthy stuff on the train or at the station. Almost every shop is a food shop and even ones that aren't really (eg WH Smith) also sells food! There's just temptation everywhere. I end up eating rubbish regularly because of this, plus the sedentary long journey - a recipe for disaster!

StealingYourWiFi Wed 12-Apr-17 18:16:48

Consider macro counting! I've had fantastic results with it, if I want chocolate, I can have it. I do weight training alongside it but I know people who've had good results with no exercise. Good places to start are the IIFYM website and Richie Howie on facebook.

Mollie85 Wed 12-Apr-17 18:56:48

Despite my user name I've just turned 36. I lost six stone in 2014. The first pic of me I was a size 22 - it was a "raunchy flapper party" - yes, I know.... blush I started off counting calories, then I went full on Atkins (did a few silly things inbetween like an online VLCD)... wouldnt let my carbs go above 20g a day. Lost a ton (tonne - never sure which is right) of weight going low carb, but it drove me crazy.

Things that did work - cutting out added sugar - no ready made anything (including diet meals) -pasta sauce, etc

- swapped white for brown. Pulses /grains... rice/ bread, pasta, etc

- swapped low fat marge (used to eat Bertoli) for real butter (I live in Guernsey and we have lovely butter grin )

- bought a George Foreman grill and went crazy with the chicken

- swapped pork sausages for chicken sausages (texture takes some getting used to...)

- tried to eat all my daily sugars before 11am (will often start the day with a green smoothie)

-snacked on boiled eggs

The above is what worked for me and I am definitely not a dietician or a nutritionist nor puport to be. Just based on my own experiences.

I also bought som 1.5kg weights from sports direct for 2.99 and used them four times a week (youtube video). You can do these sitting down if you need to.

This has kept me fairly grounded, weight wise, but it is trial and error and what works for some might not work for another.
Good for you for asking for advice and I wish you lots of luck flowers

Draylon Wed 12-Apr-17 19:04:43

tatty I wonder if it is the sheer availability of 'lovely' food that has driven the fatness, if not obesity epidemic? Coupled with a couple of decades where 'convenience' became the desirable, be it in food, the sophistication of packaged foods, in ease of doing something (washing machines, mowing, getting from a to b), the association with using public transport/cycling/walking with poverty rather than the 'wealth' of car ownership; the emulating of American foods like burgers, initially with no heed of what was in them.

We associate slow anything with non-productivity. The 2 hour meal with family, on a weekday, would horrify sandwich-at-your-desk modern, efficient managers.

And I wonder if war-time paucity lead to sheer over-abundance?

Link that will automation so far less manual labour is required to do practically anything these days!

I certainly think (sorry!) that female emancipation played a role, in that once upon a time, mamma was the head of the indoor household. Meals were planned, locally bought for via a lot of walking, prepared over several hours, maybe; then enjoyed as a family with no exceptions, as papa got home at 5.30pm.

I am not for a second suggesting we should return to that feminine nirvana (ha), but I think it is one of many reasons how and why we, in the west, lost our relationship with food/family/hearth.

Draylon Wed 12-Apr-17 19:06:56

Mollie - impressive!!

And good advice.

Mollie85 Wed 12-Apr-17 19:14:11

Thanks Draylon if you need any further help,or advice just let me know. I really would resist the urge to buy anything "low fat" which is processed. Oftentimes low fat = sugar overload!! grin

I know our circumstances are different and you dont have as much to lose as I did.

The thing I miss the most is my daily Costa iced coffee (thank God we don't have a Starbucks here).... considers a relocation

Tattyhabits Wed 12-Apr-17 23:13:42

Carb cutting seems to be helpful for me too Mollie85, but I am lucky that I work from home, and have the time to spend titting about in the kitchen. If I was working and commuting like you're doing Clarence then it would be terribly difficult. The last thing I'd need after a long day would be another hour or so in the kitchen. I think you're absolutely right Draylon and I think we probably lost a lot of culinary skills as well due to rationing. It's hardly surprising that we became like kids in a sweet shop once that ended. I wouldn't really want us to go back to being 50's housewives either, although liberated, career girl me used to work 70 hours a week plus for a big corporate, under huge amounts of stress. Everyone I worked with was on some form of medication. Eating healthily was the last thing on my mind at that time, in fact I hardly ate anything at all. (I was thin then, 8 stone, looked like a corpse!) I'd have at least been a lot healthier as a house slave rather than as a corporate one!
I've been lurking on some other threads today and there's quite a few recommendations for Michael Moseley's (the dieting woman's crumpet!) Blood Sugar Diet which I wasn't aware of before, so I've bought a copy. I think it's close to what I'm already doing, (which was mostly inspired by his tv programmes in the first place). He goes into the science as well which will be interesting.

Draylon Thu 13-Apr-17 10:57:46

Well, last night didn't go too well grin. I drank 3 wines and ate a pub meal! It was cod wrapped in prosciutto, new potatoes and a salad, so not awful, but the three wines? Not so much!

Back on the wagon again today, have just eaten a Tesco prawn salad so far, but am hoping to eat something else small mid afternoon, then dinner.

No wine!

I agree re Michael Moseley's blood sugar diet, it looks sound.

Zazu44 Sat 15-Apr-17 07:33:21

Menopause weight gain for me too. I'm 53 and had no periods for 4 years. Have probably put on 2 stone in that time 😞. Used to be able to eat whatever I wanted but not now, really is crap how your body changes. I'm going to get back on my hypnosis app which really helps and carb restrict AND 5:2. Have given myself until middle of Aug - holiday time - to lose the weight ....... forgot to mention have rubbish staying power. Any help/support would be amazing 😋

DoNotBringLulu Sun 16-Apr-17 13:46:13

I read this thread last night, and felt you are all like me smile I have joined Slimmers World a few times, I've been going for 6 weeks this time and have lost 12lb - trouble is, I find the meetings very time consuming and at heart what I need to do is accept that I have less!

At 53 I cannot get away with it any more. I feel a bit better though as the 12lb loss has given me some of my waist back and I can fit into a pair of trousers size 16. Still need to lose 2.5 stone; even then I am not aspiring to be what I weighed at 22, or even 42 as it will be so hard to maintain.

On the online part of Slimmers World there is a graph which shows me that since last October (when I joined before and left blush) I had gained 8lb. It coincides with starting work full time and sitting at a desk, adjusting to working full time and snacking too much, while forgetting all about my weight.

It's at this time that I start giving up as lost no weight last week. Slimmers World doesn't really tackle mind over matter - can't eat as much as I did. Surrounded by Easter eggs today, but not touching them. The roast potatoes will be more difficult though! I don't drink much alcohol these days as feel crap the next day, but really enjoy a social drink and for special occasions. Gone are the days when I would sink a bottle of wine then up for work at 6am the following day!

You make some really valid points Draylon nowadays less cooking from scratch and less necessity to move. I am working up my jogging again, but so busy today with family coming over for dinner.

Anyway...enjoy Easter everybody tbusmile

Draylon Sun 16-Apr-17 20:18:59

Nice to hear from everyone.

Just back from Easter away... Ate out too much, drank too much!

Climbing back on the wagon tomorrow.

Interestingly, chocolate doesn't really interest me, nor cakes/ice cream/biscuits.

I eat too many nuts, cheese, general dinner servings, and yes, wine blush.

We arrived at our friends straight into a full on BBQ party! Pink grigio ahoy, which was consumed in small but continuous quantities til late, but I had a sausage, a kebab, some not-very-calorific salad, a couple of new potatoes. But we drank like fish!

Next day was a slice of artisanal bread with agave nectar (yes, I know); a 2 hour route march, a slightly disappointing Ploughman's in a chi chi gastropub, some sitting around, a walk to a local gardens, a couple of glasses... a hike into town (30 mins), dinner from 'street food' vans which would have been responsible had we stopped at one serve, but they were closing up so gave us their left overs! Followed by 2 more wines.

Today, a hot cross bun, 3 teas, 20 min walk to the pub, chicken roast, a wine; trip home, then here I am now! Spag bol bubbling on the hob for later, tho I'm not hungry so won't eat much. Oh and a small wine by my side grin.

Tomorrow I'm back on it. Otherwise my summer clothes will not fit!

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