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Has anyone tried the 8 week blood sugar diet

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frogsgoladidahdidah Sun 09-Apr-17 13:33:59

My mum bought me the book, and am just reading it. I have a significant amount to lose, but am shocked at 800kcals a day.

Looking to hear (honest) inspirational stories, please!

TittyGolightly Sun 09-Apr-17 13:37:23

I've just finished my first (12 week) round. LOVED IT. Lost over 2.5 stone, found it easy (despite being a fussy eater/vegetarian). Still losing on maintenance and looking forward to round 2 of the 800 cals in May.

TittyGolightly Sun 09-Apr-17 13:37:47

Actually found d it hard to eat 800 cals some days!

elliejjtiny Sun 09-Apr-17 13:45:34

I've done it before, need to start doing it again. The 800 calories part is easy, if you aren't eating carbs/sugar you can have quite a lot of what's left for 800 calories. I never felt hungry, just desperate for chocolate and chips. It works really well if you can stick to it.

frogsgoladidahdidah Sun 09-Apr-17 13:57:37

Oh that is good to hear! (DH just announced it 'impossible!')

What were your favourite things to eat? Did you only use recopies from book or make your own up?

frogsgoladidahdidah Sun 09-Apr-17 13:58:05

Titty AMAZING! Well done!

kingscrossnoodle Sun 09-Apr-17 14:02:18

If you have a lot to lose go to slimming world or something. These silly fad diets that restrict your calorie intake below the recommend amounts will give you a completely unsustainable loss. No only that but you will be hungry and unhappy.

TittyGolightly Sun 09-Apr-17 14:41:00

It's not a fad diet, FFS. It's got a huge body of evidence behind it. (Unlike slimming world.
Coincidentally a girl in my office has been doing slimming world since January (same time as I started). She's lost nothing and I've needed a completely new wardrobe of clothes. She's amazed that her diet of packet noodles, cereal bars and chocolate freddos hasn't caused her to lose stones. Her skin is shit to boot.

TittyGolightly Sun 09-Apr-17 14:42:54

I did 12 weeks (and still follow principles without counting the calories). Don't fear hunger - we didn't evolve to never fear hunger (nor to eat wheat and sugar in such vast amounts). I rarely felt hunger (thanks to all the lovely fat), didn't feel shit (must be all the real food and water) and haven't been so happy for years. grin

TittyGolightly Sun 09-Apr-17 14:47:08

Typical breakfast for me is full fat Greek yogurt with frozen berries and ground flaxseed (c 250 cals)

Lunch would be lentil salad with feta (from the book)/soup (without potatoes or flour)/Caesar salad with spicy prawns/salad with egg/tuna/cheese/quorn and coleslaw (c100-300 cals)

Dinner would be curry with cauli rice/omelette with choice of fillings/fish with stir fry/cauliflower cheese or a fry up (veggie sausage, eggs, mushrooms, beans

Coffee with cream, fruit tea, fizzy water.

Cutting out the shit carbs, sugar and not snacking. Easy peasy and medically proven to work.

Oblomov17 Sun 09-Apr-17 14:47:53

Ignore Titty and her un-informed comment. The British Diabetic society had been supporting this for type 2 and type 1 diabetics, for some time.
Come on over and join our thread:

TittyGolightly Sun 09-Apr-17 14:52:49

My un-informed comment?!

TheRattleBag Sun 09-Apr-17 14:58:17

I've been trying to stick to this for a while, but I'm struggling.

Giving up potatoes/rice/pasta is manageable, but I miss bread so much. I also miss crunchy and crispy things (like toast!) and find that sometimes it's all mush.

Love the veg curry recipe in the book though.

kingscrossnoodle Sun 09-Apr-17 15:04:22

It's not a fad diet, FFS. It's got a huge body of evidence behind it. (Unlike slimming world.

Not unlike slimming world. Slimming world is recommended and often prescribed by GP's, also safe to use during pregnancy.

I suspect if your colleague isn't losing weigh in SW then she isn't following it to the letter. Even if she is though, you v her isn't exactly a full and thorough analysis is it?

40 plus years of evidence to support SW

I dont know about this and yes it is a fad, but anything that takes you below the safe and healthy recommendations regarding nutrition is not a good thing.

There is a PP who said they lost on this but need to do it again, that speaks volumes for how sustainable the losses will be.

TittyGolightly Sun 09-Apr-17 15:07:12

There's lots wrong with the NHS's outdated diet advice. Science has proven the low fat, high sugar advice to be utterly wrong.

Perhaps read up about why the BSD is as it is before judging it?

TittyGolightly Sun 09-Apr-17 15:07:58

There is a PP who said they lost on this but need to do it again, that speaks volumes for how sustainable the losses will be.

Slimming world relies on people failing.

There are many people that have lost 10 stone plus on the BSD and not gained any of it back.

TittyGolightly Sun 09-Apr-17 15:08:40

I also miss crunchy and crispy things (like toast!) and find that sometimes it's all mush.

Don't think I've encountered any mush. And popadoms work for crunch.

Forwardsforwards Sun 09-Apr-17 15:22:52

Titty that's a good menu! I need to get my arse in.gear. No more hiding myself under layers of fat.

Time to start living again...

Oblomov17 Sun 09-Apr-17 15:26:19

Sorry Titty, it wasn't you, it was KingsCross.

TittyGolightly Sun 09-Apr-17 15:31:36


toffeeboffin Sun 09-Apr-17 15:32:01

So it's basically no sugar, but carbs allowed in the form of lentils, sweet potatoes etc??

thebakerwithboobs Sun 09-Apr-17 15:35:47

Anything that causes you to concentrate on your eating for a while-rather than just eat without thinking-has the potential to be beneficial to your mindset and food choices. These threads often turn into a war of words over which is best but it's the commitment t change that is most important in my view, and recognising that any change will only be long term if it is sustained. I lost an immense amount of weight years ago on the much derided Cambridge diet. It is VLC and as hard as hell to stick to in the first instance, but I worked up through the stages of it until I was eating normally and healthily and have only ever fluctuated by a few pounds since then. It was the commitment to change and the 'reset' of my relationship with food that mattered, rather than the regime I chose to follow.

I do have a friend who has done the low blood sugar diet-well, I say done, is currently on-and is a stone and a half down. She has also enrolled in a gym and she comes swimming with me twice a week, but most importantly, she's thinking about her diet and her body-how to nourish it best.

Good luck, OP smile

mrssmith79 Sun 09-Apr-17 15:39:54

I have the book and will be starting as soon as I've finished reading it - there's a few good threads running over on the diet boards that you might find helpful.
Please try not to succumb to the lure of the mullerlight worshippers grin.

TittyGolightly Sun 09-Apr-17 15:41:51

sweet potatoes

No sweet potatoes.

TittyGolightly Sun 09-Apr-17 15:42:47

You wouldn't have lentils daily.

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