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user1483390742 Mon 10-Apr-17 18:13:12

DH and i were the same- snacking (crisps, bombay mix, cheese and crackers etc) and drinking wine after the kids went to bed.
At Christmas, we got on the scales and that was enough of a wake-up call for us to change our ways.
We now eat 3 meals a day, snack on fruit and no evening snacks at all. We go to bed early if we are feeling hungry!
The weight is coming off nicely!

Swifey Sun 09-Apr-17 01:06:48

Yah = just!! Ffs!

Swifey Sun 09-Apr-17 01:06:12

Snacks for a film are hard, because you yah munch without thinking!

Savoury snacks - salsa with carrots, peppers, cucumber to dip in, or tzatziki

Sweet - hot chocolate (options or similar, with a few mini marshmallows in, or jellly (low fat), if you make it with less water and mix in some fruit, then you can sort of slice it up like sweets!

Tinned pears drained (in juice, not syrup) with a blob of natural Greek yoghurt and a grating of good dark chocolate is delicious too, and a good cupboard standby too!

Frozen fruit and natural yoghurt, blended, makes instant healthy 'icecream', and you're getting more fruit too.

Don't buy chocolate, crisps etc, therefore if it's not on the house then you can't eat it!

VibrantAmI Sun 09-Apr-17 00:56:18

Pick your takeaways and restaurants with health in mind. Nando's suits many diet plans such as WW, SW, calorie counting etc. Other good options are chicken shish kebab with lots of salad. Pick chili sauce over garlic mayo. Turkish/greek has plenty of lean options.

Go to the cinema but take your own treats. A curly wurly or a couple of small packs of Haribo maybe. I like fruit gums as they keep me chewing for a long time!

Snacking infront of the tv isn't great. It's consumption without thought. Be mindful of your eating, and take the time to really taste and enjoy it. If it's not worth taking your time to truly enjoy it, it's not worth eating.

DH and I have got healthy together. We encourage the healthy actions and don't lead each other astray.

CaptainHarville Sun 09-Apr-17 00:47:49

DH and I both need to lose weight. Both find it hard. I've started to realise how much of our fun revolves around food. How do you change this? We rarely have a night out but if we did we'd go for a meal or the cinema with accompanying pic and mix. We get some free time in the week and end up having lunch out or brunch or going for a pint. Nights in involve take aways or lots of snacks while watching TV.

I feel the two of us are not helping each other. But I don't know how to change it. Dieting basically equals no fun. Has anyone as a couple changed this? What did you do?

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