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1.5stone weight loss after giving birth woohoo!!

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Toobloodytired Thu 06-Apr-17 17:36:17

Hopefully the rest will continue to come off, I'm now officially lighter than I was pre pregnancy! grin

Another 4.8st to lose but is definitely a chunk off 6!

MichaelJacksonsGlove Fri 07-Apr-17 08:39:42

Similar to me. I have lost 1.5 stone now at 4 months post partum. Still have 4 stone to lose.

justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Fri 07-Apr-17 14:01:02

Congrats! smile

mouldycheesefan Fri 07-Apr-17 14:02:25

Two weeks after birth I was at my pre pregnancy weight.
Two weeks after that I'd lost another stone

But a lot of it was water and it all, and more, crept back on. Keep away from the biscuits!

FiveShelties Fri 07-Apr-17 14:03:33

Wekk done grin

Toobloodytired Fri 07-Apr-17 14:18:57

Oh il admit it, I did have a cream cake yesterday & I did have a doughnut today but at the minute my appetite is shite.
Even though when I do eat, it's good stuff

Toobloodytired Fri 07-Apr-17 14:34:08

Have lost another 2lbs today grin

Have 4stone to lose (65lbs).

Just need to be cleared for exercise at my six week check & then bobs your uncle.....cracking on!!

SerialReJoiner Fri 07-Apr-17 14:46:15

Trying not to be jealous! I have 20kg to lose and at 3 months pp i haven't managed to budge a gram! At least it isn't going up I guess, though it's disheartening when I'm trying to eat so healthy.

Well done you! grin

Toobloodytired Fri 07-Apr-17 15:54:10

I had a cry the other day after I got home from hospital as I stood on the scales & saw that I'd lost NOTHING from giving birth. I honestly was devastated, then my ankles and feet became so badly swollen something else I cried about.

2 days later, I woke up with gorgeous skinny ankles! (Skinnier than they ever have been, im sure!) & weighed myself to find I'd lost a good bit of weight. Admittedly it probably was all water, placenta, baby & so on! But either way I'm delighted!

FiveShelties Fri 07-Apr-17 20:07:05

Apologies for my post. Obviously should say Well done.

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