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Help please, which diet to follow?

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realhousewife23 Tue 04-Apr-17 05:14:48

What diet / plan would you recommend based on the following:

Low carb works very well for me but I find it hard to stick to and as soon as any carbs are re-introduced, the weight loss stops completely. Was diagnosed with PCOS years ago so I'm the typical person that responds well to low carbing but I can only do it for a couple of weeks before giving up.

I find it quite easy to count calories but even at 1000 / 1200 per day, I don't seem to lose because I'm eating all types of food. I can lose the first 5lbs easily then it just stops.

I lost 5 stones years ago on a very low fat diet (gallbladder). I'm currently trying to lose 3 of those stones that I have put back on.

I'm considering the blood sugar diet (seems to be kind of low carb?), but also looking at WW or SW but I don't think a plan that basically lets me eat all foods is the right one for me. SW especially looks quite carb heavy? And I can't figure out from the threads on here if the blood sugar diet is the same as 5:2?

I actually find it quite easy to stay off the cakes, biccies and crisps once I get my head in the zone and eat 3 regular meals and for the last 2 weeks I've been trying to have a small breakfast, light lunch and then a healthy home cooked dinner - 5lbs off first week, all back on last week.

I have a Fitbit and MFP but not really sure what I"m doing with either. Advice please, I'm at my wits end and need a plan I can follow and stick to for healthy sustained weight loss.

Harpingon1 Tue 04-Apr-17 09:27:30

I too have had problems in the past trying to lose weight & not getting the results I wanted even though I really don't eat great amounts but I am a muncher on a night! I can thoroughly recommend Slimming World, there again I'd done that in the past when it was the red & green days which didn't work for me.
SW involves 'food optimising' & caters for every possible scenario as we all appear to have our peculiarities when it comes to achieving & maintaining weight loss. I go to a club & stay each week, as opposed to just getting weighed, the information, help & support from everyone is amazing, we're all in the same boat & that helps tremendously. I'm a target member now & loving it but I'm sure if I didn't keep going maintaining would be much more difficult for me.
Have a look on line, some people seem to do it from home but personally I need the discipline & support of the group. Good luck I'm sure you'll get there but appreciate it's not a walk in the park.

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