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Anyone want to be a weight loss buddy?

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Somuchweighttolose Fri 31-Mar-17 20:54:28

Sorry - me again!
As I've said on another thread I want to lose 10st between May - next May (reason for this I just want to state publically!)
I neeeeeeed a buddy! Someone to motivate me and vice Versa

Rockchick1984 Fri 31-Mar-17 22:53:55

Don't wait til May - start it now!!!! Good luck, I'm trying to lose 5 stone this year sad but have rejoined slimming world and I know it works for me if I stick to it.

What are you planning on doing / following?

HCantThinkOfAUsername Sat 01-Apr-17 08:03:45

Ive done SW in the past too and found it works, but I seem to add a bit more cheese without measuring etc the longer I do it, really bad!
I'm still re searching what will work best etc.
Good luck smile

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