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raspberry ketones?

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user1490981241 Fri 31-Mar-17 19:46:21

Any experiences/advice? Co sidering trying it but is it worth spending the money?

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delilahbucket Fri 31-Mar-17 22:33:01

Don't bother. Save your money. There is no quick fix to weight loss unless you starve yourself.

user1490981241 Fri 31-Mar-17 23:21:08

Starving isnt a quick fix, neither is purging...

I intended use for the last 12 lbs im struggling to get rid of without changing the diet im on

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delilahbucket Sat 01-Apr-17 17:23:57

Starving yourself is a quick fix for weight loss, but I think my point was completely misunderstood.
If you are struggling to lose anymore then you need to change the diet you are currently on and change your exercise. Otherwise you will forever remain stagnant.

user1490981241 Sat 01-Apr-17 23:37:58

No its not.. scientifically and biologically

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Rioja123 Sat 01-Apr-17 23:38:57

Omg don't do it my sister had a terrible reaction to them.

delilahbucket Sat 01-Apr-17 23:54:10

So you're actually telling me that if you starve yourself you won't lose weight quickly?! I'm not on about long term affects. I said quick fix.

delilahbucket Sat 01-Apr-17 23:55:00

Ps. If you follow scientifically and biologically, why on earth are you considering taking raspberry ketones??

user1490981241 Sun 02-Apr-17 10:28:54

No because your body works hard to retain the fat you have. Starving yourself wont allow quick weight loss, if you starve for months then yes you will deffinately loose weight. Im considering them as theyve had fantastic revews and was curious if they would work for my vlogg but before trying and sharing my results i was curious of other peopkes experiences with them. Im not going to harm myself for the sake of a video to tell people if it was good/bad

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user1490981241 Sun 02-Apr-17 10:30:39

Im currently writing about crash/fad diets and aids to help drop the last 10 lbs as i know its what most people struggle with so as its coming into summer months and were all looking to get our beach body back id write about 'quick' fixes and if there was such a thing.

Anyone else know any quick tips and tricks theyd like to share? Be great to add

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Pestilentialone Sun 02-Apr-17 10:44:43

Just one of many examples; Lentil and vegetable soup. Allows you to eat loads and feel full up. More veg, more pulses = more fiber. Fad diets do not work, learn to eat like a peasant.

Fad diets make a few people rich and lots of people poorer. Do not pay for raspberry ketones.

Lifelong sensible eating makes you and keeps you a sensible size. Very boring in concept, tasty enough if you add herbs and spices. A daily recipe sheet would be a good idea for people who require support. As the days lengthen and the weather warms many people eat less/more sensibly so lose weight easily.

Or just see who is willing to sponsor you and write about how wonderful they are.

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