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protein diet

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Dollface7 Sun 26-Mar-17 18:09:30

Anyone starting a high protein diet?

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onalongsabbatical Sun 26-Mar-17 18:16:30

Not so much as a 'diet' but a change long term of how I eat over the last few years I eat MORE protein and LESS carbs overall and I have more energy, feel generally better, and find it easier to keep weight down.
However, today I had chocolate cake, so, y'know...
Incidentally I was vegetarian for years and now the family joke is that I can rip the head off a cow (sorry vegetarians). All the time I was veg I got more and more low blood pressure, not well, no energy. It really didn't suit me. I eat a lot of eggs - protein and low fat/cal - nowt like a boiled egg. I find days I start with protein I function better, generally. So I'd say give it a try and good luck, but, as with all 'diets' it's about finding a sustainable way to eat that suits you long term.

Dollface7 Sun 26-Mar-17 18:22:52

HI onalongsabbatical....which is a perfect description of how my protein diet has been for the last number of months....i started again a couple of weeks ago, and have been on and off this week gone by, so going to go again tomorrow.... lost loads of weight doing protein only....then of course put it back on...but to be fair, it was over a number of years, and I usually just went up a bit,modified and went back down again, but gone way way up the scales now, so a longer journey...but hopefully get there.... I agree about starting day with protein does make a difference for me too.... you are correct a 'sustainable way' I think is the only answer. Thanks for your quick response!!:-)

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onalongsabbatical Sun 26-Mar-17 21:00:35

Hi Dollface7 - no-one else is interested in diets to day! It's really tricky trying to stick to something, isn't it? I do find I'm less hungry if I keep my protein intake up and more hungry if I indulge in carbs, especially sugar. But too much deprivation doesn't feel like the way to go, either. My DP eats WTF he likes and stays slim, so some of it is different metabolisms/constitutions. Be kind to yourself!

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