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Hoe can I Lose weight in 7days? Help.

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tinkerbellone Sat 25-Mar-17 10:40:59

I'm going away in 7 days - Now I'm looking at my mother of four mummy tummy and wondering how I can reduce it in 7 days?
It's looking more wobbly and doughy than normal.sad

GotToGetMyFingerOut Sat 25-Mar-17 10:44:50

If it were me id cut down on carbs. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day and do the thirty day shred workout everyday.

So breakfast id have either fruit, poached eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes or an ommellett without cheese.

Lunch meat and salad or veg and same for dinner. Snacks of fruits or veg sticks.

tinkerbellone Sat 25-Mar-17 10:52:16

Great thank you - Thirty day shred? Can I find that on YouTube?
I've Google some stuff and it says belly fat is about diet not exercise?

Francks Sat 25-Mar-17 11:00:01

Quick weight loss definitely no carb. But it won't stay off when you go back to carbs unless you are mega careful. Easy to lose a lot in a week if you go full on Dukan or Atkins. Esp the first week.

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