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How to lose weight fairly quickly/blood sugar diet (genuine reason)

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Mothercoco Fri 24-Mar-17 16:54:09

I have 4 stone to lose. Anything is great but 4 stone is the end goal, My 'happy weight' is 9 stone and I'm currently 13 stone.

I have pelvis and back issues which can be very restrictive and painful. For this reason I'm terrified to go back to the gym and hurt myself (happened before, I had lost 2 stone but since put it back on)

My weight is impacting my issues and making it a lot worse, I know I need to lose weight to be able to ease it off.

What diets have you tried and succeeded on? I'm not looking for a faddy quick fix, I'm realistic. I just want to lose an initial chunk as quickly as possible to ease my joints. I'm 25 with average metabolism, I gain and lose weight fairy normally.

I've heard of the blood sugar diet being a good kick start?

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