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12 weeks...

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Lolimax Fri 24-Mar-17 07:32:23

Very do-able! Lots of walking (have a look at #walk 1000 miles 2017 on Facebook) and download MyFitnessPal. There's a lovely MFP thread on here. You'll rock that dress smile

notbankinonit Fri 24-Mar-17 07:26:38

Hi Loubilou, thanks ,I read it, though the gist, unless I misunderstood, is that the calorie intake is more pertinent that the excercise.
A 1000 calories does sound a lot to drop, but I suspect that if I was honest with myself, I eat nearly that in random crap.

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Loubilou09 Thu 23-Mar-17 22:19:18

Read the thread "why is this weight not coming off" and then decide if you will or will not exercise. You need to drop your calories by at least 1,000 per day to attempt to lose 2 lb a week which is a lot although depends on how many you are eating now I suppose.

notbankinonit Thu 23-Mar-17 21:41:26

I weigh 12st 8lb. I need to be back to my fighting weight of 10st 12lb by the end of June, so I'm calling it 12 weeks. Age 46. Height 5ft 6 1/2in.
18 months of antidepressants, which I'm nearly off, and disordered eating has led to this I think, though I expect my age will not help, but I'm not ready to give in yet.
Is this possible? Looking for a plan, if anyone can offer anything please. I will not exercise, apart from walking. Don't want to do Slimmimg World because I've done it many times before.
I need to look good in a dress😀

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