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Anyone had rapid weight gain (2 stone in 6 months?) and what to do!?

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hagridsdoppelganger Thu 23-Mar-17 14:22:50

Odd question I guess. I have been (or was) about 2 stone overweight since the birth of my eldest, who is now 13 (so can't blame the baby weight!). I have long standing hypothyroid issues so am on thyroxine and monitored 6 monthly. Today I went to to doctors and for no apparent reason but am presuming wine, cheese, cake and snacks I have put on two stone in 6 months. TWO STONE confused. So I am now 4 stone overweight. For fucks sake.

He doesn't think it is anything sinister, asked me about my diet, my bloods will be done as usual anyway. But seriously pissed off with myself & just don't get it. How have I put on two stone in six months - I haven't changed anything that I can think of.

Just for clarity I am 5'11, 45 years old, my 'old' weight was 11stone7, my post baby (and toddler, and child, and teenager...) weight was 13stone7 and today I am <whispers> 15stone7. Just WTAF and what can I do - and has anyone else experienced that rate of weight gain in a short space of time?

[Note: have NC as so fucking ashamed of myself blush ]

Dollface7 Sun 26-Mar-17 18:48:01

HI, I have, i lost it and put it back on as quickly, as was on such a restrictive diet. Then id gain really really quickly as i would absolutely over eat, thinking i will never get to eat again as I will be on a diet for 6/7 months. So the answer is to start a diet and we will loose ..... and no matter how much I analyse it and break it down, I still end up back where i started, i still need to loose the weight... so i think we start..we loose...we loose some more...then we analyse...but we will be too busy shopping and/or living our lives the way we want to at that stage and probably won't care.... I certainly didn't when I did it before.... :-)

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