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binge eating - do I need to get help?

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moleymoley Thu 23-Mar-17 12:20:02

I've never admitted to the extent of my binge eating, but I'm going to do it here as I think it's getting out of control.

I've always had a tendency to over eat, and when I was in my late teens I first started buying 2/3 choc bars and eat them at home if my parents were out in the eve for example.

Since then I've done this kind of stocking up and pigging out, usually when I'm home alone or otherwise secretly.

Until recently I find it was under control (although is it ever really..?). It was infrequent and I was extremely active and aside from the pigging out I generally ate well - plenty of cooking from scratch, fruit and veg, fairly balanced, very little fast/convenience foods. I've always been heavier than I want to be and have been on and off weight watchers for as long as I can remember. But my weight gain has always been because of this binge eating, rather than long-term over eating/bad eating, IYSWIM.

Anyway, in about the last 6 months I feel it's getting out of control. I'm about 20 kilos heavier than I was 4 years ago when I got pregnant with DS1. My sons are now 4.5yo and 2.5yo and I am the heaviest I have ever been, and I just keep putting weight on.

I'll buy cake/choc/biscuits most days now and eat the lot. I can't seem to stop.

I'm worried I'm going to slowly pickle my body in sugar and fat and die.

I don't know what to do.

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Dozer Thu 23-Mar-17 12:22:36

Sorry you're struggling. You are not alone! There is a binge eaters' support thread on MN with really kind people going through it too.

RL help is available, but can be expensive.

shumway Thu 23-Mar-17 12:23:49

I recommend the book Brain over Binge by Kathryn Hansen. You can get it on Amazon.

Bluntness100 Thu 23-Mar-17 12:26:10

Why don't you speak to your GP and fix this properly once and for all op? He or she can recommend some help for you, be in in the form of councilling or whatever.

Dozer Thu 23-Mar-17 12:29:48

NHS services are pretty limited, especially for people whose weight is in the BMI range or not much above, but obviously worth investigating.

moleymoley Thu 23-Mar-17 18:04:02

THAnks everyone. I think I do need to see my GP. I think it's all come to a head for a few reasons (my dad died last year and the run up to Xmas was really bad and I felt like I was just generally going a bit crazy) and also working full time/young kids/no time to be organised and focussed on good food and exercise etc
Today I was working from home and I've had no real food - I went to the high street after I dropped my son off at school and bought pastries and biscuits and cream cakes and ate throughout the day. I'm now feeling sick and hungry in equal measure.
I can't continue like this!!

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lavenderandrose Thu 23-Mar-17 18:05:16

"Fixing it properly" isn't easy, or even possible.

I would be interested to know if any addictive behaviour has been held back by counselling.

It isn't athletes foot.

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