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Hypothyroid, fibromyalgia and eating for health

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KinkyDoritowithsparkleson Mon 20-Mar-17 08:37:31

Right. I am sick of feeling sick. I know what I should eat, but when I'm tired reach for the treat foods - carbs and sugar. I'm overweight (over 3st to lose) and, more importantly, I feel exhausted and in pain all of the time. I've had to give up my career and now I'm struggling to keep up with my new job in spite of hugely reduced hours and stress (and pay...).

I want to build energy and start to feel better, start to manage exercise, start to manage the housework and possibly even some of the decorating that sorely needs doing. I don't actually care about weight so much. I don't like being fat, but if I was fat and bursting with life, I'd cope.

Having done some reading and soul-searching, I'm going to try stopping gluten and sugar. I also only have lacto-free milk.

I want to give it a real go this time and try and stick to it for at least 6 months to see if I can heal.

I aim to eat:

Mainly fish, some chicken
Good fats
Some grains - quinoa, maybe some rice, buckwheat
Gluten free oats

I know some of my diet will still include foods not advised on auto immune protocols, but this is my starting place. I'm going to keep a record of how I feel and what I'm eating, to see if it does improve. I'm hoping to use this thread to do that.

If this doesn't work, I will go to a nutritionist, but, due to reduced income, I want to try and go it alone.

My starting point is: lots of pain, hardly any energy. Struggling to walk out. Definitely can't manage any formal exercise.

Rather that doing everything at once, as I normally do and then fail, I'm aiming to focus on food for the next few weeks. After the Easter holidays, if I am feeling more energetic, I will look into getting a very light gym programme and I really miss swimming at the moment, so want to try and do that too.

It's going to be hard. Food = my final crutch, which feels very necessary at a time when my life is so shitty. It is a catch 22, because I know it makes it all worse.

Pleasemrstweedie Mon 20-Mar-17 08:54:05

If you are hypothyroid and still have symptoms of fibromyalgia, this suggests that your hypothyroidism is not optimally treated and, to be honest, you are unlikely to lose any weight until you reach that point and the majority of your symptoms disappear.

Sadly, with thyroid disease, there is a major disconnect between taking the medication and getting well, which leaves thousands of people with ongoing symptoms.

How much thyroxine do you take?

pinkopal Mon 20-Mar-17 09:06:47

I'm on autoimmune protocol for hashimotos and fibro - I know how tough it is! It's the final luxury I had.
Gluten is the devil according to your thyroid, it's the single most important thing to give up. Dairy is a close second.

My nutritionist said not to swap them for 'free from' products and to just eliminate altogether. Doesn't leave much if I'm honest! It works though. My fibromyalgia is improved.

KinkyDoritowithsparkleson Mon 20-Mar-17 10:31:22

Please I know I'm probably under medicated - I'm still just 7 months after DX and only on 50mg. Bloods tomorrow and a frank conversation with the GP to follow. I've had Fibro/CFS for about 3 years. I know it's probably all the same thing, but find help and guidance lacking. My DH is a development chemist and tells me that thyroxine is known to be very unreliable.

Pink well done on autoimmune - that is a tough plan! I've been eating with abandon recently, so think I would go into total shock if I moved straight over to that. I did a Whole 30 a couple of years ago and that was very helpful, but strict. I'm noticing that I need to sleep after eating and, if I felt okay before, having a meal with carbs just wipes me out. Is your nutritionist private or NHS? I'm pleased to hear you've seen an improvement smile.

Things that make any eating plan difficult - IBS symptoms rule out quit a lot I can eat. Also, I am now working on evenings, so if I eat any food that sets off my IBS, it is very, very miserable. Evening work has also stopped my evening meal, but I was using Slim Fast shakes, which were great for time (quick five minutes between jobs). I'm going to move over to a healthy version of these.

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