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Ideas for the 20 % (80% on plan and stray for 20%)

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justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Sat 18-Mar-17 16:02:51


As recommended by a very helpful poster on a previous thread I have purchased The Food Doctor original book and his Everyday Diet and Recipe book. He talks about 10 principles and one is as described in the heading of my post.

I am looking for ideas really. He talks about 5 meals each day so that is 35 a week. If I worked this out right then 80% is 28 meals. So 7 of those meals a week or 1 meal out of 5 a day I can "stray". Now obviously I am not going to eat a slice of cake everyday or have a junky day once a week so I am looking for ideas for balance.

He doesn't talk about red meat (so far) so I am thinking one dinner a week could be a steak or a meal made with beef mince. And another could be bacon with my eggs on a Sunday. Eventually a sweet treat when I am out at the weekend. Or whatever I want at a meal out.

But first baby steps so please offer your opinions please! Thank you

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