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Need a serious kick up the arse!

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kitkat321 Fri 17-Mar-17 22:15:51

I just can't get in the right mindset to lose weight.

I've done slimming world before after my dd was born and lost a reasonable amount but then I went back to wirk fully time, it's been crazy busy at work and have injured my back to the point that physio won't allow me to do anything more than walking and yoga I really need to focus more on what I'm eating to try and shift some weight.

I'm not majorly overweight - 11st 6, 5'7 1/2 and a size 14 - sometimes even a 12 depending on the outfit and because I'm tall I carry it well - I also carry it all on my lower body so my shoulders and arms are relatively slim which I think makes it look deceptive.

My thighs and bum are pretty big though (got that inner thigh rub going on) and most of the women in my maternal family are obese so I think there is a genetic element to it.

Once I start dieting/healthy eating I'm ok and seeing myself lose weight motivates me but I'm struggling more than ever to start - I'll eat well during the day and then eat crap at night - and then feel rubbish about myself.

Any tips for getting kick started?

Steala Sat 18-Mar-17 09:01:10

I could join you. I've been comfort eating terribly. Put on nearly two stone in 9 months. The problem is not going away but being limited to one pair of jeans (I don't want to buy more at my weight) which are getting tight and about to fray between the legs, is making me feel worse. I have to wash them overnight and really can't believe that I have sunk so low. I keep thinking I must do something about it but can't seem to prioritise it.

Feeling accountable to someone may help us both. Realistically, things are too manic for me to be posting lists of what I ate daily, but I would certainly commit to a Saturday (or choose a day) weigh in and coming on here to say how much I have lost (or gained...). Would hopefully be able to pop on in between to rejoice in my spin class/no chocolate day etc (thinks positively). Would that be any help to you?

Anyone else need a kick?

caremummy Sat 18-Mar-17 14:14:58

Me, I eat whole packets of biscuits,crisps,anything suitable at a time and have a terrible snacking problem, combined with not much exercise outside of work. I was briefly on the 5:2 diet kept doing okay til about 4pm on fast days then would eat a weeks worth of food.
I've joined SW but don't have much hope and felt awkward being the youngest there.
I'm 5'3 and nearly 12st so definately need a kick and have never really successfully lost more than 1lb.

Steala Sun 19-Mar-17 07:40:49

caremummy, do you want to do a weekly weigh in or something? I am beginning to feel in the zone. Unless we hear back from OP, we should probably start a fresh thread rather than hijack hers.

Oldlady50 Sun 19-Mar-17 08:03:58

I am having some success with Paul McKenna. It's not a diet, it's basically a support system to make you feel differently about food and motivate yourself to eat when your hungry and stop when your full. I am relatively sceptical about the hypnosis element .. although I am sticking to listening to the messages as it seems to be working.
Been doing it for 3 weeks and have dropped a dress size. Also feel really positive about myself and healthy.
Using the app on my smart
Phone .

walruswhiskers Sun 19-Mar-17 08:14:37

I'm your twin at 5'7.5 and 11'4. Look different though - I carry it all on my tits and have size 10-12 waist and hips. I've recently lost half a stone and now got a bit stuck- would really like to get down to 10'10, or even a bit more.

Afo Sun 19-Mar-17 10:05:55

Could I join you for a kick up the arse? 12 St 10 lb here, had a half stone off before Christmas, gained it again and have just lost it again almost 3 months later. Waited for the breastfeeding to help me lose it like last time and listened to 9 months on, 9 months off anecdotes. Well DS is 9 months tomorrow and nothing is shifting! I eat well during the week but terribly at weeknds and when I try hard I lose albeit extremely slowly. So I've set myself a target of getting into the "11s" for a hen party I have at the end of may so 6 weeks away. Should he pretty doable but not with my track record recently! So can I have a large kick up the bun from you ladies and willing to give one back as and when required?

Afo Sun 19-Mar-17 10:06:36

Op have you tries my fitness pal?

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