Does the Military diet actually work?!

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BeBe32 Wed 15-Mar-17 18:31:50

Hi everyone,

I'm not usually into crash diets but I'm really struggling to motivate myself at the moment and I know if I could lose a few pounds quite quickly that would really motivate me so I'm considering something a bit more extreme for a short period to give me a kickstart and came across this - has anyone actually done this three day diet and how much did you lose?


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mpsw Wed 15-Mar-17 18:36:35

Military diet?

Do you mean Pay As You Dine (aka Save As You Starve)?

So yes, crash dieting should reduce your mess bill sharply. But don't do it if you're working with machinery or have other heavy physical demands.

Ancienchateau Wed 15-Mar-17 18:37:28

If it's the 3 day one which is also the British Heart Foundation (I think) one then yes it does work. I cheated and still lost about 8 or 9 lbs.

BeBe32 Wed 15-Mar-17 18:39:49

Sorry I should have said! - I meant this one

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HattiesBackpack Wed 15-Mar-17 18:42:17

Eh? Anyone know why this is being called the military diet?

BeardofZeus Wed 15-Mar-17 18:46:09

If it doesn't involve carbs, carbs and more carbs, it's not a real military diet! Chips for every meal anyone?

CoolCarrie Wed 15-Mar-17 18:46:45

Looks interesting, but I can't stand hot dogs, but would have the steak again instead.


Ancienchateau Wed 15-Mar-17 19:00:29

Yes it's the same as the one I did. Pretty revolting but you will lose some water weight.

BeBe32 Wed 15-Mar-17 19:04:33

Thanks for the replies. It definitely doesn't look particularly enjoyable but I like most of the foods and I'm feelings so bloating and horrible after a sustained period of terrible eating, I thought it might be a kickstart. xx

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Smellyrose Wed 15-Mar-17 22:44:24

If it's just about the amount of calories surely you can choose what you want - a bit like following a fasting diet but for just three days?

BeBe32 Thu 16-Mar-17 07:29:37

It says there are reasons for those particular foods - no idea if that's true!

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VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Thu 16-Mar-17 07:32:03

It's just another made up starvation diet with no reflection on military foods I'm afraid.

ReginaGeorgeinSheepsClothing Thu 16-Mar-17 07:43:25

mpsw PAYD worst thing ever! So many of the young lads in my DHs lot ended up in pot noodles and the cheap ones as they'd spent all their money on cars and booze already- at least when he joined you could spend all your money on payday and still be fed! Sorry for diversion OP!

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