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Giving up added sugars / fructose

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EmpressJosephine01 Mon 13-Mar-17 11:30:26

Good morning smile

Is there anyone out there who is already doing this or cares to join me? I'm looking to start a support network to share experiences and ideas. If you wish to know what this is all about, google Dr Robert Lustig and 'sugar addiction' and you will get the drift.

Initially I was motivated by weight loss (still am!) but latterly it's becoming a health-driven issue too.

I really believe there is a conspiracy by food manufacturers of all kinds (including the organic and 'health' food product purveyors, to keep us hooked on this stuff). Went to the local Co-op the other day and I could not find a single loaf of bread without added sugar - in the end I resorted to pitta breads.

Note also all condiments etc contain the fatal stuff - eg pesto, vegetable stock, soy sauce, etc. And - the final straw - on a packet of smoked salmon. I don't mind finding sugar where you'd logically expect it, but come on, every flavour of crisps now has it (except for plain salted).

However there are antidotes so that we can fight back, and in the process perhaps lose a little weight and take care of our health.

Come and join me!

honeyroar Fri 17-Mar-17 19:40:27

There are quite a few of us doing this on the Quitting sugar for January, possibly longer thread. I've been doing this since mid January and have just hit the first stone lost this week. I still eat pasta, rice, bread and fruit, but have cut out processed food as much of possible and sugar. I'm absolutely loving it, finding it really satisfying and easier than any diet I've ever done before.

EmpressJosephine01 Tue 21-Mar-17 10:12:56

Hi Honeyroar

Your post is very encouraging! I have been off alcohol since 1st Feb and doing the no sugar thing since 1st March - but hardly lost any weight sad.

But it's great to hear about your progress and just tell me - how long has it taken to lose your 1 stone? I will try to keep motivated smile

honeyroar Tue 21-Mar-17 16:06:06

Hi, it's taken me eight weeks. The first few weeks were slow, just a pound a week and probably nothing for the first nine or ten days. Then I had a few 2 or 3lb weeks after six weeks. But right from the start I had a big inch loss, particularly on my waist (I can get all the skirts and trousers I was wearing off without unzipping them!) so that was good enough to keep me motivated. I wish I'd measured my waist at the start.

If you look on the giving up sugar for Jan page you'll find a lot of suggestions for books and websites. I read the book and found it useful plus the I quit sugar site.

Illtellyouwhatswhat10 Sun 26-Mar-17 16:08:41

Thanks Honeyroar 😊
It''s not going very well thanks so I need to regroup and think again!

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