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3 month old baby and time to drop the weight

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buckyou Tue 14-Mar-17 20:48:47

Me! My baby isn't a month yet but I want to take advantage of best feeding to drop some lbs!! But just been to the pub and had club sandwich and chips.. Oops!

What are your weight loss plans?

Elland Mon 13-Mar-17 11:18:51

Maybe I'm being too tough on myself then 😁

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shivermytimbers Mon 13-Mar-17 10:11:57

I've always thought that the baby weight excuse is good for at least the first 16/ 17 years grin

Elland Mon 13-Mar-17 10:04:25

My baby is coming up to 12 weeks old and my excuse to myself of just having a baby isn't cutting it anymore.

I don't know what I weigh but before I was pregnant I was a 12/14 (more so a 14 but only just getting there after recent weight gain) and now I'm a 14/16.

Ideally I want to at least get back to the size 12 I was when I met my DP. I was talking to him last night and he mentioned liking me in a pair of jeans that I wore on one of our first dates, he asked me if they still fit! 😂 They stopped fitting before pregnancy never mind now 🙈 My aim now is to fit back in to them jeans!

Anyone around who's also looking to lose some weight with or without a newish baby?

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