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Losing weight while battling depression

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GoodnightSeattle Sun 12-Mar-17 15:00:22

I don't know what to do anymore, it's driving me to the edge. One affects the other and it all goes round in a vicious circle until eventually, like now, I'm just fat and unhappy all of the time. I can't do it sad

I've been morbidly obese for seven years now. I was a chubby kid and teenager too, have never known what it's like to be a healthy weight. Life is generally really uncomfortable - I hate summer because I get sweaty and sore, I can't cross my arms or legs because there's too much blubber in the way, I can't wear the things I like because they rarely come in my size, standing for long periods is painful, as is walking anywhere at pace. I feel like I'm the laughing stock of the general public whenever I go out and everyone in the office is watching what I eat and sniggering.

It's evenly distributed across my body so I think people tend to be surprised if I ever tell them what size I wear or how much I weigh as although I do look big I probably don't look morbidly obese big. Maybe that's just me kidding myself though, I dunno.

I'm really ashamed of my weight but I will tell you I'm only 5ft and a size 20/22 - I need to lose at least 10 stone, probably a little more to be safely within healthy range blushblushblush

Does anyone have any tips for losing weight whilst dealing with depression? I have no energy or long-term motivation, recently I've struggled to get through a full week on any sort of diet. It just feels so difficult and insurmountable I want to cry every time I think about it.

TL;DR if you are or were morbidly obese and suffering with depression, what was it that flicked that switch in your brain for you to say enough is enough, I'm doing it for real this time ... and then actually DO IT?

sotiredbutworthit Sun 12-Mar-17 17:20:08

I'm in the same situation. I'm a terrible comfort eater. Hope someone comes along with some advice soon 😘

Toobloodytired Sun 12-Mar-17 17:37:43

What you need is someone to support you, who when you feel down & want to turn to food, will be there for you to moan/rant & keep you motivated

Sirzy Sun 12-Mar-17 17:42:10

Do you do any exercise/activity? I found that running helps my mental health which helped me focus more on the food side too. I have lost 7 stone over 4 years.

Doesn't need to be running of course but I know exercise - even just walking - does help a lot of people with depression. Obviolsy getting the motivation to do it can be hard to start with though.

Food wise I would make small changes gradually - increase the amount of water you drink, add in more fruit and veg etc. Personally I found that depriving myself of things made me want them more

MountainDweller Sun 12-Mar-17 22:56:22

I don't really have the answers but I have the same problem so I empathise. Am 5'3 and 96 kilos. And with weight evenly distributed like you, I can pretend I look nearly normal!

But I've lost 5 kilos! I need to lose 35 so I'm 1/7 of the way there! It has taken me a long time but it works for me as I don't feel too deprived. I'm counting calories with mfp, it gave me 1500 to start with and has now reduced to 1440. I like the fact that I can use my calories for anything and have cake for lunch if I want to! Obviously not a great idea to do that too often blush

I used to do 16/8 sort of by accident as I get up late and I'm sure that's the reason I'm not even bigger. I've fallen off that wagon recently as I've been treating myself to hot chocolate at bedtime blush but I'm going to get back on!

I can't see the weight loss in myself except in my face but I tried on a dress today that was very tight last summer and it fits! I was very pleased about that!

My main motivation is pain - I have an injury that won't heal. Not 100% certain that weight loss will fix it but if it doesn't my doctor won't be able to blame the weight anymore. And hopefully I'll become a lot healthier on the way.

I've set goals on the way so I feel I'm working towards something easier. I agree it is so hard though, I think about food all the time too.

delilahbucket Tue 14-Mar-17 19:24:26

I actually found losing weight and exercising helped me beat depression. I learned to run and I found doing calorie counting gave me control over something when everything felt out of control. There's a lot to be said for taking that first step in getting active. It will help you with both areas you want to change.

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