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The fat bridesmaid

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zombiemum123 Sat 11-Mar-17 21:58:51

So this summer I am my friends bridesmaid, so exited however after bridesmaid dress fit I feel so self conscious and down, other bridesmaids are a size 8, I'm a 14 and there is a big difference in pictures etc, I Am active as I horseride about 5 times a week,however I do love food. I am comfortable with most my body apart from my arms, I am very broad , iv been asked most my life if I'm a swimmer (I'm not) and I am strong my arms are pretty big. Probably thanks to the years of riding. So I'm asking does anyone have any tips for weight loss in this particular area? I'm starting couch to 5k as well as riding, does anyone rate it? Thanks for reading my rambles grin

zombiemum123 Sat 11-Mar-17 22:01:10

Just to add I have done slimming world groups, however now I have a baby and a horse all my free time is pretty much used up

queenofawkward Sun 12-Mar-17 18:08:56

Oh zombie, I feel your pain! I've always been a little chubby of arm and would never ever wear anything sleeveless (or even worse, strapless) but have been forced to while on bridesmaid duty. All I can see in the photos are my big chunky arms poking out. Although I'm sure nobody else has even noticed!

Can you speak to your friend about this? The good news is that there are some beautiful sleeved dresses around at the moment which she might consider putting you in. Otherwise, practice your bridesmaid poses - making sure your elbows are bent in photos can slim down your arms tremendously.

zombiemum123 Sun 12-Mar-17 18:28:20

Queen you've made me feel better grin.. tried the pose thing yesterday but some how made them look even more huge haha!! And I'd be the odd one out if I changed my dress so i think that's even worse! I'm going to put lids down for the night and go for a run ... I may vomit ! sad

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