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Bariatric surgery

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TwoTeaTessie Thu 09-Mar-17 20:00:13

I'm currently seeking gastric surgery on the NHS, I've been successful in getting to the point where I am now on the surgical team rather than weight management. And today went to a seminar which gave me lots of information about the types of surgery on the NHS.

I think what I am wanting now is real life experiences, because all of the surgeries are a life long commitment and I would like to know about some of the impacts its had on people, good or bad.

So, whichever your surgery, could you share your story with me please. I would just like to have it from a person who has been through it


rebeccalavelle12 Sat 08-Apr-17 21:08:45

Hi sorry ive no info as im just starting. Going to talk to my gp about surgery next week. Do youave any tips for me?

Fluffybrain Sun 09-Apr-17 06:41:49

My husband had gastric surgery a few years ago paid privately. What did you want to know? It's been successful in that he's significantly lighter. But in the last year or so he has put some of the weight back on so you do have to watch what you eat too. He had part of his stomach removed permanently. He can only eat small portions (think side plate for a meal). He's quite open about telling people he's had it if he needs to eg. When asking for just a starter or kids meal in restaurants. Be prepared that you friends etc will ask why your having so little.
If he eats too much he feels nauseous and knows he has to stop. The weight gain has come from him filling his tummy with the wrong food!

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