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Chinese takeaway and increased heart rate

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RiverdaleJughead Tue 07-Mar-17 02:58:18

Oh god I'm still awake and my anxiety ( which I haven't seen in months) is rearing its ugly head and sending me on thought spirals into old mistakes which I v much thought were over with. This is absolutely horrible. Feeling real mood lows as well, sudden horrible plunges. Never again.

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TwoDogs9 Tue 07-Mar-17 02:14:11

Definitely MSG, Some Chinese recipes actually list it as an ingredient and it's present in pretty much all Chinese takeaway food.

RTKangaMummy Tue 07-Mar-17 02:11:09

Maybe high salt levels too

RiverdaleJughead Tue 07-Mar-17 02:00:00

Also we're down to 72bpm so it is lowering now

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RiverdaleJughead Tue 07-Mar-17 01:58:41

Eurgh I thought MSG was just the scare product of the 60s tbh ... looks like tomorrow's going to be fun blush

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LaPharisienne Tue 07-Mar-17 01:54:55

Yes. It's the MSG I think - a sort of flavour enhancer that can make you feel really strange.

RiverdaleJughead Tue 07-Mar-17 01:40:33

Okay so I've been on a really good healthy eating / excercise regime for about 4 weeks now - I'm already slim so am just aiming to increase fitness/ lose a little tum/ tone up and I'm young too ( 22) so feel like this is the easiest time for it. I've already lost half a stone - plus an inch on each thigh and half an inch on arms!!!- and have been really enjoying it.
After a successful week (6x gym session and eating really well) I decided to cave and treat myself to the Chinese I've been craving for a fortnight. Well I'm happy to say that it seems my palette has changed -- it was bland and greasy and I feel a bit sick and don't think I'll cave again for a while ( til I forget I didn't like it). I got a cup of tea and then realised my heart was pounding.
My Resting heart rate is usually a happy 66 bpm .... and it had gone up to 96!!!!
I did not know bad food could do this and now seriously question wtf I put in me and just how badly I had binged!!
Had anyone else experienced this? Is it the sugar, the fat, any possible additives???
What do you guys think.

* disclaimer I am not bragging about doing well for a while and hope I don't come across as such I just really want to know whether anyone else has had this **

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