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Sick of WW already 😡

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Cliffedog Mon 06-Mar-17 20:52:38

Hi all my 1st post. I joined. WW 4 weeks ago. I lost 5lb week 1 then gained 2lb week 2 (I was away for 4 days that week) lost half week 3 and gained a 1lb on week 4!! That's 3 lb in 4 weeks argghhhh! I have done Exante before but there had always been a weekend away or a holiday looming so never really got into it to be honest. It's 6 weeks until Easter and nothing major to distract me. Anyone had any success with Exante diet, if so what's the secret? I would like to lose about a stone and a half.

Dowser Tue 07-Mar-17 22:46:46

You need to listen to Richie howey. He talks a lot of sense.
Week one would be quite a lot of water weight which you put back on again when you'd been away as you came off the diet.

Not sure what happen on three and fourth week.

I must admit I do like this idea of finding out how many calories you burn and then eating 500 Less a day.
500 less a day means 3,500 in a week which = a pound of fat.

Now you might lose more and that will be water.

I'm not very active so I only burn between 1750 and 1850 a day but I'm on holiday , weather is lovely and I've been more active so I'm already on a burn of 2020, so I'll finish the night about 2150.

Now then, I'm on 1300 calories to eat a day. This is what I've had.
2 egg spinach omelette for breakfast
2 thin rice cakes with dark chocolate coating about lunchtime

5pm a huge portion of hake, 4 boiled potatoes ( Canarian style ) and tomato and onion salad

7 pm, the custard filling from a vanilla slice. I don't eat gluten

9pm an ounce of manchego ( bought scales today and measured) and two ryvita

I'll have a bit of fruit before bed.

I'm happy with that. I'm a good 500 cals below my if you do the's got to be right....hasn't it?

Now then, I'm feeling huge. I know it's water weight because of the heat, so I'm sticking to the plan, recording everything on mfp and trusting the process.

Buy watching my calories, it's stopped mindless eating and I'm really enjoying what I'm having.

Look him up on fb. Don't do exante.
You'll end up hungry and then as soon as the weight comes off you'll start putting it on again and then you'll feel twice as miserable.

ppeatfruit Wed 08-Mar-17 09:25:40

Hi Dowser.. (sorry to derail your thread Cliffe grin

The way to lose a stone or so IME is to cut out caffeine (if you OD on it) and to eat fruit on an empty stomach, then to eat carbs and protein at separate meals. So no burgers or ham\cheese sandwiches but huge salads\ green veg with omelettes (like Dowser grin ) or lamb chops.

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