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12 weeks to shape up and slim down..anyone with me?

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BeBe32 Sun 05-Mar-17 15:46:56

So after another disastrous week on the diet front I am feeling pretty low. I hate the way I look, I feel so self conscious and generally feel pretty miserable. Despite this I just seem to be putting on more and more weight. I bought a new diet and exercise journal and it's a 12 week one so I was sitting here looking at the calendar and 12 weeks would basically take me to the start of the Summer and a few weeks before my birthday so I'm trying to convince myself that if I can stick to it once and for all I could make a big difference by then, ideally I'd like to lose 2 stone in that time.

So anyone else aiming to get slim for summer? What's the plan? Any tips, ideas, inspiration welcome...


PinkSpottyBear Sun 05-Mar-17 15:57:49

I will join you! Fed up of what I see in the mirror and how I feel overall (problems with sore joints and fatigue from eating too much rubbish!).

Been meaning to start a weight loss plan since January but a new job and a new routine has thrown me and I just haven't got round to it.

2 stone would be a very good start for me (have 3/3.5 to lose to be healthy). What plan will you be following? I am going to go for low carb I think as for me it's easier!

I have a pretty new notebook so will keep a food and exercise journal too.

BeBe32 Sun 05-Mar-17 16:33:50


Thanks for replying! I think I will be calorie counting - but possibly low carb too as I have found that has worked in the past. In total I'd love to lose over 3 stone. I am currently 11st 10lbs sad sad sad and would like to be 8st 7lbs but just being in the 9's is my initial goal. I know what you mean about life getting in the way - I am really unhappy in my job and the stress and the comfort eating has been the main reason I have put on weight over the last year. Since the new year it has been particularly stressful and that has been the main reason that I have been unable to stick to healthy eating but I have realised that nothing on the job front is going to change any time soon but if I keep putting on weight at this rate it just makes things worse.

Do you exercise? Do you have a target weight in mind?


cheeseandcrackers77 Sun 05-Mar-17 17:33:32

I started today. I have a big birthday and holiday in October but starting today. I need to lose about a stone perhaps a bit more.

I am using my fitness pal and today have weighed and measured everything. Put new batteries in my pedometer and took the dog for a walk.

I am aiming for 10000 steps a day and age 1200 calories.

Start weight 10st 4lbs.

Lucysdiamonds Sun 05-Mar-17 17:41:30

I'm in .. I need to lose two stone. I'm going on holiday in four weeks and would like to lose as much as possible by then so I can wear a swimsuit by the pool if it's warm enough!

I don't exercise and I eat a lot of junk .. I know I need to cut that out. Hopefully that will make a difference. I'll try and walk more .. I can't run due to a prolapse.

PinkSpottyBear Sun 05-Mar-17 18:21:28

I am aiming for 9st 7 then will see how I look and feel when I get to that point. I weighed in this morning at 12st 7 shock

Not exercising at the moment but got 2 school runs before & after work and then being on my feet all day now at work means I am pretty active at the mo. Will hopefully get back into a class or two once the general sluggish feeling passes!

BeBe32 Sun 05-Mar-17 18:31:56

I know what you mean, I feel so sluggish at the moment, just don't feel like doing anything! So fed up of feeling rubbish! I've planned my meals from tomorrow - got a really stressful week at work coming up so really hope I can stick with it. I'm terrible for losing motivation and constantly 'starting again' but I really don't want to.

Hi to everyone else who has replied! What plan are you all following? I'm 5ft 3in by the way in case anyone has similar stats. Just keep trying to tell myself how much better I will feel in a few weeks if I can stick with it!


OnALosingSpree Sun 05-Mar-17 18:36:02

Me please. Am scared to weigh myself to be honest sad

SharkSkinThing Sun 05-Mar-17 18:37:15

Can I join, please?

I have been fucking about yo-yoing since the new year, and manage to shift three or four pounds, only to drink them back on again.

I'd like to lose four stone by the end of the year. But short term, ten pounds by Easter for a wedding.

Will be low carbing as keeps me fuller. I already swim and walk a lot, and do yoga.

Good luck, everyone. 💜

BeBe32 Sun 05-Mar-17 19:10:44

Welcome everyone! I get scared of weighing myself too. I'm pretty certain I'm 11st 10lb sad but will weigh myself tomorrow, wishing you all lots of luck!!


Lucysdiamonds Sun 05-Mar-17 19:26:46

I'm 5 foot 7 and weigh about 12 stone 11 but also scared to weigh myself. Id like to weigh about 10 stone 7 again.

PinkSpottyBear Sun 05-Mar-17 20:16:15

I am only 5ft 2 (so it seems the shortest and fattest on the thread so far blush)

Day one done for me, brushed my teeth for bed already so I can't undo all my hard work now!

BeBe32 Sun 05-Mar-17 20:24:46

Well done on a good first day! Hope I can do the same tomorrow! (and I'm actually between 5ft 2in and 5ft 3in so rounded up!).


cheeseandcrackers77 Sun 05-Mar-17 20:37:47

I'm 4ft 11 but I am sure a good chunk of weight is on my chest (I have always had big boobs even when I was a size 6).

I have counted everything i've eaten today and still have 314 left if I include calories burned by exercise or 153 if I bank the exercise calories.

I think I did well today. Had a glass of wine (turns out my wine glass is exactly 100ml)
Small slice of chocolate cake and a tiny bit of cream.

Since I had to go out and get new batteries for my pedometer I only starting wearing around 1pm today but sitting at 5008.

Tomorrow is a work day and I really go carbo heavy on those days. Tomorrow will be the same as I haven't had time to look at alternatives but I aim to get 10000 steps in.

SharkSkinThing Sun 05-Mar-17 21:32:15

Hello to everyone else. 😀

I will post stats tomorrow. Wedding is six weeks away so really determined to get ten pounds off by then.

LiveLifeWithPassion Mon 06-Mar-17 00:40:05

I'll join in. I like the idea of a 12 week plan.
I want go start looking better too. I've started running so I'll carry on with that and do a YouTube yoga session a couple of times a week.

I find what really works for me is delaying breakfast as late as possible. Til 12pm is ideal. I find eating breakfast seems to kick start my appetite so I want to snack all day. Skipping it gives me a bit more control.
I should also give up bread as that's such a weakness for me. I rely on it too much.

I'm also going to use oil cleansing method for my skin, try to get more sleep and reduce screen time. Ahem look at the time. Better switch off and go to bed smile

SharkSkinThing Mon 06-Mar-17 06:30:00

Good morning everyone.

15.7 for me, and I'm 5ft 7". Holy balls. It's a start!

Meal plan today is:

BF: Scrambled eggs
Lunch: Roasted veg with quorn pieces
Dinner: Mushroom soup

2l of water

Lunchtime walk and yoga class tonight.

Hope everyone has a good day; will check in later. 💥

user1488781271 Mon 06-Mar-17 06:49:01

Me please! I've just had to reregister as I haven't posted in bloody ages! And I've got no idea if the username has worked properly, or if I'm still user28474939264 (apologies if so!)

Anyway, I'm going on holiday in 12 weeks. Just weighed and I've put back on nearly all of what I lost on SW before Xmas (9lbs)

Currently 11st 7lbs. Would love to be 10st by hols, but will settle for 10st 7lbs

Ledkr Mon 06-Mar-17 07:32:30

Can I join you?
I've been fat since I had dc 5 6 years ago and I'm bloody sick of it.
I stick to stuff for about a week then I'm off it.
I was watching the boxing on Saturday and realised that at 14 stones I was nearly as heavy and the bloody HEAVYWEIGHT boxers!
So that's it now. Two stones at least.
I would love a comfy summer wearing nice clothes.
I'd actually have a whole new wardrobe if I lost a dress size.
I'm going to do slimming world from memory and websites.
Onwards grin

PinkSpottyBear Mon 06-Mar-17 07:55:23

Wow lots more joining us Bebe!!

I am still having problems loading the site on my iPhone so couldn't get back on to read replies last night. Hope the problem is sorted soon as it's really doing my head in now!

Will check back in later! Have a good day all.

GreyandGrumpy48 Mon 06-Mar-17 08:17:14

Can I join too please? 12 2 this morning which given I'm 5 1 is not t good. I've been trying off and on since New Year but need to commit to making some permanent changes.

Nottsangel2015 Mon 06-Mar-17 08:26:34

Hi guys! Can I join please. 5'10 and 16st :-( getting married in June but still keep failing at diets, my partner doesn't help tho he is also dieting (trying) with me but gives up so easily and tempts me with take always and stuff and once he goes on about it i just can't say no :-(

Starting a fresh today and am in two minds whether to start low carbing.

Also starting a spin class on a Saturday and doing 3-4 1 hour plus walks a week then have some hand weights at home so will do those most mornings and squats etc and we have a stationary bike so want to go on that most evenings will probably give myself Sundays off.

See have no excuse just always end up falling off the wagon and getting lazy especially in the evenings by the time dc have gone to bed.

Hoping some online encouragement will keep me focussed for the wedding!

Goal is to tone up and lose 2 stone minimum, do you think that's doable?

Good luck to everyone else x

SharkSkinThing Mon 06-Mar-17 08:34:41


We have similar stats and lifestyles by the sounds of it!

Yes, it's doable, and I am counting on online support to keep me focused too.! I am very weak willed.

We are off to Harry Potter studios at the weekend and staying overnight...I am going to at least keep away from the wine as food hard to control. 😀

needahugekickuptheass Mon 06-Mar-17 09:32:27

I'll join you!

Junebugjr Mon 06-Mar-17 09:54:04

Can I join.
I have 12 weeks before I have my annual weekend with my friends. Who are all thin sad if I don't get a grip I'm goin to be looking like a nondescript potato in the photos <vain>
The last weekend away I was at 8.7stone, but a crackers boss last year seen me gorge my way up to 10.7.
I'm on the Harcombe diet and the 30 day shred. Done this before and found it works. Good luck everyone!

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