Please tell me it gets easier!

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HakeLively Sat 04-Mar-17 17:36:28

Thanks Paperdove. I didn't think it'd be too bad as I thought of myself as quite 'active' really- I always do 15000-20000 steps a day and run up stairs etc... clearly I've not been active enough!

Going to keep it up. Not for weight loss exactly but a change in body shape would be good. Although pounds off would obviously be a bonus.

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Paperdove87 Sat 04-Mar-17 17:22:52

If you've gone from 0 to a full hour, that is quite a lot in one go! Maybe try easing your body back into excercose a little more gently?

Well done for giving it a go, now you've been motivated to start don't give up!

In those kinds of classes, if I think I need a break or am finding something really difficult I'll either stop for a minute (I time myself!) or try to do an easier version of the move.

It does get better!

HakeLively Sat 04-Mar-17 16:57:50

Oh no 😩

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HakeLively Sat 04-Mar-17 16:24:21

So this morning I finally managed to get my bum down to the local leisure centre and do a workout class.

I'm not overweight, but I am unfit, and wobbly. I've not had a baby or anything. I've just become...complacent.

Anyway I'm a little bit awkward when it comes to things like this because I think I won't know what to do or where to go. But I got in there and worked out where everyone was getting their mats and weights from etc. It was a leg bum and tum class. I was horribly out of time doing the step thing and was a bit embarrassed as everyone else seemed to be getting it right. I didn't even have 'proper' workout gear...I was wearing leggings and a Nirvana t-shirt.

I was crap at the crunch thingies. I was ok at the lunges. I think.

Anyway I did the full hour. Then on the way out I went into the loo and vomited blush

Still feel really sick now. How did I let myself get so unfit?!!

Anyway one class will make zero difference I know so I will be going back. Is zumba a bit easier to get into? I thought I'd come out all endorphined-up and buzzy...instead I was sweaty, shaky and sick!

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