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Meal/snack ideas to lower cholesterol

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freethebiscuit Sat 04-Mar-17 02:25:35

Hi- having been diagnosed with high cholesterol I need to look at reducing the saturated fat in my diet. I'm trying to lose weight generally (sensibly as nursing) after gaining a lot in my last pregnancy- just wondered if anyone has any diet/food tips to share to reduce and maintain low cholesterol. TIA

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JonesyAndTheSalad Sat 04-Mar-17 02:30:46

I have found that there are no shortcuts to a healthier diet. Basically, if it's real, fresh food....fruit and vegetables...then it's good. Anything that's processed should be avoided.

Almonds are good for helping to lower cholestrol....and unroasted, unsalted nuts are in general good as a snack.

I find that if I have a few nuts when I crave crisps, then the craving goes away.

freethebiscuit Sat 04-Mar-17 02:35:38

Jonesyandthesalad - thanks. Love veg and am fine with going for a healthier all round diet- but a bit stuck on ideas of different meals to keep it varied (for my family too). Snack wise - nuts will be good- I'm more savoury leaning than sweet so thanks- I'll have a read of your link.

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Rainbowqueeen Sat 04-Mar-17 03:28:02

Oats for breakfast. They are great at lowering cholesterol

Lots of fresh Veges.

Vegetarian meal once or twice a week. Less red meat, more chicken and fish

highinthesky Sat 04-Mar-17 03:38:02

The other thing that can help is regular exercise, even just a 1/2 hr walk every day.

JonesyAndTheSalad Sat 04-Mar-17 04:12:21

Well DH is vegan and so I sometimes have to make meat based and vegan meals....this means I've got quite good at fast, but healthy meals. I think cutting back on meat is a good idea all round really. Especially the fatty kind.

Currys are always good as long as you don't use loads of oil/butter.

Roasted veg...various which you can change up from time to time...along with some lean meat or fish...or without if you're not feeling like it.

I make up to four kinds of roast veg...cauli is amazing roasted with a bit of olive oil and some salt and pepper...not much the pink Himalayan kind, it's better for you.

Add to your cauli, some carrots or sweet potato, some butternut squash, some onion in chunks....roast it with just salt and peper or rosemary...

Grill your meat.

JonesyAndTheSalad Sat 04-Mar-17 04:14:23

Oh and soups. Homemade soup freezes well and if you don't want to cook one evening, it's great to just defrost that and have it with some bread. I think you can have some bread...just not lots and no butter.

You've got to mind you get your good fats though of course. That's why your nuts are you like avocado? That's always so filling when added to some roast veg or salad.

freethebiscuit Sat 04-Mar-17 23:22:34

Thanks for your replies. Any particular type of oat do you know- can you get away with ready brek for example?

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JonesyAndTheSalad Sun 05-Mar-17 00:36:28

I think ready brek is fine. It's just oats that have been milled to make them finer and more palatable and there are some added vitamins and minerals. A bit of honey or chopped banana on top instead of sugar.

BlueSofaPinkLamp Mon 06-Mar-17 10:20:55

You're better off having whole oats as it's partly the fibre that helps, ready brek is digested a lot quicker too. Oat bran is even better as it has higher levels of beta glucans, which lower cholesterol.

Good fats, i.e. Salmon, avocado, nuts will all help too.

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