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Giving up for Lent

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StarDust17 Wed 01-Mar-17 10:33:53

I've decided to give up all sugar (apart from fruit) for Lent.

I'm not religious, but I've read in multiple places that it takes 28days to form a habit, and I think that by saying "it's only for 40 days"..."it's only for 39 days" etc will make it easier and then at the end I can decide if I want to continue or not.

I'm a complete sugar addict and although I know it makes me feel like rubbish I find it challenging to say "I'll never eat this again". Doing it for a short period at first seems more manageable and then hopefully I will be able to continue.

Anyone else up for joining me in cutting something out? It doesn't have to be sugar 😊

PoptartPoptart Wed 01-Mar-17 21:32:15

It was a toss up between chocolate or alcohol.
I chose to give up chocolate!

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