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Super flat tummy 1 week post partum - why??

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JKC10 Fri 24-Feb-17 23:11:42

I've always been relatively slim and didn't put on a lot of weight at all in pregnancy (just the baby bump) but even since being a teenager I've had a big tummy but it's always seemed more bloated than fat - I can never tell is a digestion thing or a hormonal thing like water retention - even before being pregnant I sometimes looked about 5 months just because of the swollen tummy! Anyway, I gave birth (forceps delivery) and my tummy was wobbly for about 3 or 4 days, shrinking each day but then went so flat - like flatter than it's been in my life. I was so so happy and this lasted about 2 weeks but since then (my baby's 6 weeks now), the bloated ess has come back and I'm back to how Ive always been.
I'm wondering if this happened to anyone else and why it happens!? If I know that then maybe I can get it back. I was taking iron tablets throughout my pregnancy and in first couple of wks after birth and folic acid so I worder if they contributed to it but I haven't found anything online that would indictate they would.
Thanks all!

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NSEA Sun 26-Feb-17 03:30:23

What about your changes in diet from tge delivery? Have ypu reintroduced any food you cut put during pregnancy for example. X

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