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Waist trainers?

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FlippertyJibbit Wed 22-Feb-17 12:30:29

I fear I have been sucked in by USA style advertising but I'm seriously considering a waist trainer hmm

I've lost 6 Stone since April last year and have this horrible bulgey bit around my hips, a bit like a muffin top when I wear jeans that are too tight but it's there wether I've got ill fitting jeans on or not.. I want to be able to wear jeans that sit on my hips rather then hoiked up to my waist for the rest of my life sad

I walk to work most days which is a 45 minute walk so I think this would be prime time to wear it and I can shower at work if needed as I've read the neoprene vest types work on you "sweating it out" confused

Anyone tried one? Good idea? Awful idea? I do also have gallstones and am awaiting my surgery date so have a feeling I won't be able to use it until after I've recovered from that as it would probably cause all kinds of havoc on my insides now..

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