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Anyone following Richie Howey?

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EnglishGirlApproximately Tue 14-Feb-17 20:01:16

He seems to get results, talks plenty of sense and charges very little but a quick look at the meal plan has confused me! Is it just a sample, or are you really eating the same food every day? Would love to know what happens when you sign up 😊

EnglishGirlApproximately Tue 14-Feb-17 22:32:29

Bumping smile

amazonianwoman Tue 14-Feb-17 22:42:37

Marking place, was just thinking exactly the same thing...

acornsandnuts Tue 14-Feb-17 22:47:37

Yes same meal if it's the free plan. You need to subscribe to get a personalized one.

EnglishGirlApproximately Tue 14-Feb-17 23:26:15

Thanks acorns, how much variety is there in the personalised plan? Just wondering as I've been following him in Facebook and he's said he doesn't do meal plans. I know it's not much money so not the end of the world if I dint like it but I know there's no way I can eat a repetitive diet!

Ihopethissongstartsacraze Fri 17-Feb-17 19:31:38

I follow him. I haven't joined but I think when you do he calculates your TDEE (amount of cals to maintain) then gives you a new calorie target and asks you to eat that number of calories and within that eat a set percentage of protein, fat and carbs. If you are given 1800 cals to eat there are lots of meal plans on the group which will fit already.

Essentially though he wants you to eat what you like as long as it fits your calorie intake and macros.

EnglishGirlApproximately Fri 17-Feb-17 22:44:03

That sounds ideal for me. I'm happy to eat well and healthily but I love cooking and food so diets that restrict me are too easy to fail. Got to be worth a try for £3.50 🙂

Dowser Sat 18-Feb-17 09:03:01

You get to use mfp a lot.

MorrisZapp Sat 18-Feb-17 09:05:13

All this talk of macros is just a bridge too far. Fair enough for Olympic athletes but for ordinary women with stressful lives, who can be fagged.

Dowser Thu 23-Feb-17 20:19:43

Love his videos on gaining confidence.

Dowser Tue 07-Mar-17 22:52:06

How are all you people doing?

Been a couple of weeks now.
Are you seeing results?

pinkpompoms Sun 19-Mar-17 16:51:17

I'm a member of Team RH.
It's IIFYM -if it fits your macros. No food is banned/sinned etc.
Macros are individual to the person, based on height, weight, activity.

£3.50 / month gets you fully qualified personal coaching, from food, meal planning, calorie. There are exercise programmes (weights) & live HIIT sessions twice a week.
They do not write personal plans, you learn how to do it all yourself. You use Fitbit/other heart rate monitor to track calorie burn & My Fitness Pal to track calories in. If you do it 100% you will lose weight!

The online community are fantastic, very supportive, everyone at different stages........well worth a look.

mammymammyIRL Mon 03-Jul-17 17:02:46

pinkpompoms is a heart rate monitor essential to following Team RH, I don't have one and they're quite expensive.
I've watched a few of the videos on his facebook page and to join isn't so expensive either

Dowser Wed 05-Jul-17 11:58:25

I've been doing it for a few months.
Love his style.
Had a few holidays so it's slowed weight loss but I'm back on today.

mammymammyIRL Wed 05-Jul-17 12:16:07

I just started with his calculator on website and myfitnesspal yesterday - haven't joined rh yet, will see how first week goes.

What's the benefit of being in the group, other than encouragement of like minded people?

pinkpompoms Fri 07-Jul-17 19:06:09


HR monitor is not essential, you can work out your TDEE using the online calculator & set calories/macros from that.

It does mean you get a more accurate calorie burn and as it is calories in vs calories out, not having one might mean you set your deficit too low and thus slow/stall any weight loss.

mammymammyIRL Sat 08-Jul-17 10:12:16

Pink I was thinking that too- and MyFitnessPal gives me 587 for my bootcamp class which seems an awful lot would love it to be more accurate smile

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