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MFP Thread 8

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Not2bObvious Sun 12-Feb-17 17:58:04

New thread for those using mfp to lose/maintain weight

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Needastrongone Sun 12-Feb-17 18:06:42

Signing in, you can't get rid of me that

Thanks Not.

Not2bObvious Sun 12-Feb-17 18:08:25

Haha need, I added the maintain for you & sesame (and any other maintainers I've forgotten or who lurk among us)

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JontyDoggle37 Sun 12-Feb-17 18:22:08

Thanks Not glad you got out for a run.
I didn't make it for the walk or even to see my horse today, chest suddenly got a lot worse with stabby pains when I breathe in ☹️Back to GP tomorrow. Have managed to batch cook a chicken curry and some chicken and veg soup, so that's all portioned up and in the freezer. Roast chicken is in the oven for our dinner as well and I've got my feet up with a glass of non-alcoholic 'wine', being virtuous sat next to DH who has arrived home eating a giant bar of chocolate and is now talking about cheese and biscuits after dinner 🙄

xTinkerhellx Sun 12-Feb-17 18:53:44


I've had a good day food wise to make up for yesterday's not so great day. Though may have made my prawn stir fry a tad too spicy as half hour later I still can't feel my lips.

Hope you feel better soon Jonty!

Not2bObvious Sun 12-Feb-17 19:18:14

Yikes jonty, that sounds like a chest infection - you still taking your anti-b's?
I love a spicy dish x but that sounds rather atomic. I'm convinced I burned my tastebuds once at Nando's of all places, couldn't taste a thing for days. Kicking back watching an Icelandic drama on all 4, not a language I think I'll be picking up anytime soon. Lid firmly back on the wine after 2 glasses with the meal, that'll do after the liver busting Friday sesh.

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JontyDoggle37 Sun 12-Feb-17 20:08:30

Not I've already been diagnosed with a double throat and chest infection and am on day five of the antibiotics, but it feels like I'm breathing glass and the stabby pains are new started today- don't think I should be getting new symptoms on antibiotics!

Lolimax Sun 12-Feb-17 21:16:43

Hello! How is everyone? I'm not sure I'm very good at this maintenance thing I have no clue what I'm doing! Spin (spun?) Thursday, PT friday, kettle bells (OMG!) and an hours walk Saturday and another walk today. I did eat extra yesterday but it still goes against the grain. Guilt?
On the upside my arms are looking toned but my tummy is still disturbingly flabby and my post (19 year old) c section apron is stubbornly going nowhere. I saw a thing a fat freezing, just an expensive fad?
Had a run in with a VERY senior manager from a partner organisation last week in front of my staff. He was in the wrong but undermined me in front of my staff. The old me would have gone off sick with stress. The 'new' me has taken it to CEO level. The proverbial has hit the fan whoops!
Let's see what this week brings!

Not2bObvious Sun 12-Feb-17 21:29:10

You're turning into a badass loli, all that exercise and standing up to arrogant tosser. By the sounds of it you did exactly the right thing, well done. And look at you with the toned arms, no idea what you can do about the tum. I've sported quite the jelly belly for years, it's much deflated these days but can fall out of my larger jeans if I move too fast - now that's attractive I can tell you. Hmm freezing it off sounds a tad drastic, I'd go for decent knickers and an ignore it approach. If I ever get bikini bodied I'm going to need big bottoms to hold my big bottom/belly combo. My dislike zones are my gut and thighs, love my arms since doing weights. And they're much more likely to be on show unless I decide I like crop tops & daisy dukes...I could do with a sceptical emoticon around now. Stop with the guilt, you're doing spectacular on the exercise, more then enough to allow more food

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Lolimax Sun 12-Feb-17 21:38:07

Lol not I'm off to Cyprus in August I think I'll aim for the Daisy Duke look as my style icon. Sure to suit me at 47? Me a badass? Love it!

JontyDoggle37 Mon 13-Feb-17 06:03:21

I might have to rechristen Loli badass and Not as Daisy lol!
Scales say I'm the same today but did a tantalising flip down half a pound and back up again - incentive to stay on track today. Will start repeat dialling the GP shortly to get an appointment this morning. Happy Monday all!

Not2bObvious Mon 13-Feb-17 06:37:39

If the scales is dithering you're closer to the lower weight jonty, best of luck getting a doctors apointment this morning. Maybe you need a different type of med.
I'm carrying my usual 2lb weekend gain, I keep a record of all weigh in's so to show a post weekend gain so it's pretty much the norm. However on the up side 2 weeks ago it was 5lb, last week it was 2.2lb so it's gradually getting less. Might see 11.4'something this Friday if I keep to my usual trend. Short day in the office, then working from home this afternoon. Will go to the gym or do a YouTube workout later as I'm not sure whether I'll get to my class tomorrow afternoon although I'll do my best. Weather forecast is looking better for today, Sun and not too cold. Maybe a run instead of gym.
Oh I think my daisy duke days are long past, but loli you could start a trend. Closet I get is wearing running shorts on holidays, it's brilliant not to have chub rub anymore. Don't need the dousing of talc in the heat anymore, it's the little things

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Bathsheba3 Mon 13-Feb-17 07:54:23

Thanks for the new thread Not. Sorry to hear you are still so poorly Jonty - good to go back to Dr. You don't want it turning worse, e.g. to pneumonia. Go Loli standing up for yourself at work too. Am chuffed to bits for you. Calm & dignified is the way to go.

I spectacularly derailed food-wise all weekend. Plus I was very lazy & rested quite a bit, including a nap yesterday afternoon. I could easily go back to bed now too. I'm craving some spring sunshine I think.

You are all doing so well - keep up the good work!

JontyDoggle37 Mon 13-Feb-17 08:17:53

Update: got stronger antibiotics, steroids and chest X-ray - hopefully the start of getting well!

Sugarandsalt Mon 13-Feb-17 10:01:12

Hi all! We've had broken heating, radiators with fountains of water spraying out and a vomiting DH/DD in the Salt household this past week. I seem to have escaped the bug. On the upside I've lost the weight gained earlier in month so I remain at11st 9. I'm properly back on track now since middle of last week.

Meal plan today:
Scrambled egg with tobasco, turkey rashers and spinach
Salmon salad for lunch
Chilli con carne this evening, with sweetcorn salsa

That all comes to 1100cals so I can have 200cals of snacks (fruit/nuts planned). Late day at work so dinner is in the slow cooker.

Jonty I hope you get well soon. I'll catch up properly later on (this is first time in days I've logged in)

3luckystars Mon 13-Feb-17 10:06:10

Can you explain this to a complete beginner if you have time?
I have heard so much about it. Is it just an app and you log all your food and exercise? Can others see it?
Do you weigh yourself and add this in? Sorry for all the questions!

JontyDoggle37 Mon 13-Feb-17 12:15:09

Sugar [waves] good to see you 😁
3lucky yes it's a smartphone app. You log all your food every day, either searching for things in their massive food library or using your phone to directly scan barcodes on the food you have. When you start you put in our height, weight and goal weight and how quickly you want to lose weight - 1, 1.5 or 2lbs a week. Then it gives you the amount of calories you're allowed per day. There are no 'sins' or other types of things to count, just that days calories, so no forbidden foods. You can weigh ourself as little or often as you like (I do daily) and add it to your progress log. You can also take pics of yourself and body measurements so you can track 'non scales' victories and store them in the app. And you can link the app to exercise apps that count your steps/calories burned etc, like Runtastic. In theory you can earn extra calories to eat through exercise, but in practice it's best to view these as emergency backup only and not get into a routine of eating them too. I think that's it!

SesameSparkle Mon 13-Feb-17 12:52:23

not thanks for the new thread! grin <No emoji diet needed for maintainers…. wink> Well done on your scales victory, c’mon 11.4!

Welcome tink, well done on your loss so far!

jonty what a terrible time you are having. flowers Fingers crossed the stronger drugs will help you back on the mend.

sugar oh my, sounds like a lot of disasters you have had to deal with. sad However, well done on the small scales victory too. star

lucky I have nothing to add to jonty’s answer, but feel free to hang out if you can use some support.

mumbod well done on getting into those jeans, that’s an amazing win!

need love the sound of double lunch! That's my favourite meal ….

bath I could do with a bit of sunshine too. I’ve also been very tired over the weekend, and had a very bad case of sticky mattress this morning…. hmm Anyway, the weekend is behind you now, I’m sure you will be back on it for the week.

loli horrible situation at work, well done you for facing up to the bully and escalating it. star Well done for all that exercise too! You are another one providing me with fitspiration on this thread.

dawhead, so sorry you are still having to deal with a big load of shite flowers. Hopefully you’ll start to feel a wee bit better once the witch buggers off. In the meantime, I think you are showing amazing restraint right now with your calorie counts.

After yet another biscuitgate at work on Friday afternoon, I was back on track over the weekend. Only 347cals slightly over Saturday, and then closed just under on Sunday, at 1762 for a nice change. Also Sunday, I braved the weather for an 8k run. Really glad I did it, and after a 2 week break to allow my body a rest, the knees feel ok today <touches wood>. My weight was 9st9 on Saturday too, which is still on target too, thankfully. I need to be a good girl this week though and try and stay off the sugar, after dinner snacking, and away from all the bad things in the office. Help! halo

SesameSparkle Mon 13-Feb-17 13:53:48

Oh by the way, I also meant to say I watched another interesting documentary on YouTube, Food on the Brain with Stephen Nolan. It explores some of the physiology/psychology of over eating/obesity. It was also refreshing to watch something like this presented by someone who struggles with his weight.

SherlockPotter Mon 13-Feb-17 14:29:59

I've been using MFP since 1st January!

I find it's useful and not useful... it's useful as it tells me the nutritional information but at the same time, I sometimes feel guilty when I go over my sugar or fat amount

fishonabicycle Mon 13-Feb-17 15:57:53

With MFP you do really need some scales as well to weigh your food. Also what someone else said - don't eat your exercise calories - MFP grossly overestimates those. And there is a week view so if you have a bad day, it can be averaged out over a week.

Not2bObvious Mon 13-Feb-17 16:15:40

Great explanation on mfp jonty, think that pretty much captures the gist (great that you go into see the doc, here's hoping this medication works)
Bit of a picky knickers today and not sure if I'm in the humour for the gym but got to say my jeans are feeling super snug today. Could be totm bloat or weekend bad behaviour bloat! I have 30 minutes to decide, oh I hate this indecisiveness

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DawheadAwgusEeentock Mon 13-Feb-17 18:45:09

Not thanks for the new thread!

Need glad you had a lovely weekend by the sounds of it. Also it's v refreshing and inspiring to know that you can eat a good quantity when you need to, because the exercise balances it out. I hate being out in bad weather BUT I do know that it often sounds/looks worse than it is once I get out.

Not glad you had a lovely (albeit slightly suffer-y sad) weekend too. I loved the photo of the gin grin! It's great your weekend upswings are coming down IYKWIM. I'd say you'll have no trouble hitting 11 4' by Friday. Did you brave the gym in the end today? TOTM is a demon so take it easy on yourself.

Bath I know I'm repeating what has been said here before, but I think your body knew you needed a rest so it's probably just what the doctor ordered in terms of having a relaxing and lazy weekend. So glad you had a lovely night Friday and that you enjoyed it.

xT welcome flowers! 15lbs is fantastic - well done so far! If you are close to BMI then it's probably par for the course that the loss has slowed down - how long did the 15lbs take? I am a big believer in rice cakes - they've served me well before but I'm a No on the marmite wink.

Jonty oh gosh I was so relieved you were getting well and then you got hit again sad. I will cross my fingers that the new drugs work. Honestly, it's incredible that you're tracking when you've had such an onslaught of being under the weather. Delighted that you're almost back to your lowest - well done star.

MumBod woohoo on fitting in the sentimental jeans star!

Loli I'm just grin that you dealt so well with the crap at work - losing weight has so many amazing wide reaching benefits. I've probably forgotten, but what allowance has MFP given you now? To me it sounds like you are doing brilliantly - especially with all the exercise.

Sugar oh gosh you've had such a rough week - fair play to you for getting back on track so fast and well done on losing the gain star!

3lucky can't really add to what was said above - but if you're interested in trying calorie counting MFP really is brilliant and it's worked really well for lots of us on here.

Sesame that's fantastic that you had a long run and glad your knees were ok. Woohoo for being on target star. I haven't had a chance to look at that documentary yet but I am very interested in the psychology too.

I'm doing much better. It wasn't a flick of a switch, but I just spent the weekend doing a lot of "self-soothing" (as our joint counsellor calls it hmm) and realised last night that my determination is back. Woohoo. Also it helps that all the goodies (choccies and Xmas cake) are all gone now haha grin. And probably also helps that TOTM is gone.

Ended up going for pizza on Friday and ate all round me yesterday so my weekly average is still very high. But if I can stay on track today (1210) and tomorrow (1060) my average will come down to 1660 - that would be a huge improvement on last week. Work has been ok today, so we'll see if I can keep this up once I start hitting crappy stuff again.

Anyway, know I will likely bore you all with my latest story, but I'll tell you anyway wink. MumBod I promise this was an absolute coincidence but very similar to your experience. I have a wardrobe rail of about a metre long with work/summer trousers on it. Last year I did a run-through and divided them by size - at least 2/3 of them were too small, hanging there depressing me the feckers wink. So I went through them all at the weekend and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM fits grin. Now, for sure, some of the size 10s are v tight and give me a muffin top, so that has convinced me I definitely need to lose about another 3kg. But they all come up over my bum and close properly and I can't fricking believe it. I'm obviously v shallow haha but it really cheered me up grin. In all seriousness, I also think it helped me realise how much this matters to me and how I have to keep going now when I'm so close. And I know the sense of achivement will help me with lots of other stuff.

DawheadAwgusEeentock Mon 13-Feb-17 18:55:53

In the spirit of showing off inspiring us all wink.

I know you all could post photos like this, but I'm very proud of myself grin. These are in the charity bag already (never worn blush).

Not2bObvious Mon 13-Feb-17 19:02:38

Yes indeed I did make it to the gym dawg (I keep going with my mantra of the only workout you regret is the one you don't do - my back & knees aren't agreeing with me though!) I jogged a round about way there, about 15 minutes so that added to my burn. But I got a lift halfway back as himself was in the vicinity (rustling coming from the backseat of the car, hopefully it's the non edible roses) Another tough one but sure aren't they all tough? I was on the point of asking the instructor am I just too old a codger that I'm struggling so much - but thought that might make me luck even worse. I was like a tomato by the end!
I'm as shallow as a paddling pool & totally know what you mean about the clothes, that is a fantastic achievement- you go girl!

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