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Shangri La Diet

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Jumpty Mon 26-Feb-07 21:49:39

Has anyone tried this diet? It sounds crazy but also seems to make sense in a weird sort of way. I'm going to start it tomorrow and I'd love to hear if anyone has any experience with it. The basic idea is that you have one to two tablespoons of flavourless oil (like mild and light olive oil) twice a day. You can't eat or drink anything with flavour (even brushing teeth) for an hour before or after but water is okay. Then you can eat heathily but no rules for the rest of the day. Apparently this should kill your appetite and craving for food for the rest of your day and make your body reset it's "set point" for what your weight should be and make it eat to that weight. The weight loss comes from a drop in appetite therefore consumption and hopefully from eating healthily because of no cravings.
This sounds totally mad but I've read a lot about it this weekend and the science actually seems to have some logic about it. It's centred around a theory that a purpose of flavour is to signal to your body that it's feast time and therefore that you should eat more. By eating something calorific but tasteless, your brain should think it's famine time so there's no point being hungry. Apparently it also helps to eat unfamiliar foods as your brain won't associate them with loading up time.
I'm starting tomorrow. I've put some sunflower oil in a medicine bottle to take to work tomorrow so I can take it an hour after my coffee. I'm planning to take the other dose at 4pm. Any thoughts?

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