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Low Carbing AND calorie counting - am I doing enough?

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TheRippedOutPage Wed 01-Feb-17 12:46:41

I started with the intentions of doing to 20g per day Atkins induction but I find it unrealistic so I'm trying to keep my carbs at around 50g a day whilst still eating healthily. (also aiming for 1500 calories a day)

I'm 5ft 10in and weigh (at the beginning of this week) 10st 13lbs.

I know I'm not overweight but I'm bigger than I want to be and bigger than I have been in the past. I want to be 10st.

Here is a typical day's menu - am I doing enough?

Monday -
breakfast - protein shake made with whey powder, almond milk and peanut butter (9g carbs, 260 cals)
lunch - homemade turkey meatballs with feta cheese, spinach and baby tomatoes. Served with cauliflower rice. (8g carbs, 330 cals)
Dinner - Homemade red thai fish curry with 100g cooked rice (32g carbs, 446 cals)

49g carbs / 1036 cals.

I realise the calorie content is too low but I find it hard to push that up without introducing carbs.

Been on this two days so far (not including today) and feel better but obviously too early to tell if the weight will come off. What do you reckon? is it healthy / low carb enough?

custardy Wed 01-Feb-17 13:51:12

Rice is pretty carby, I swap it with cauliflower to cut out loads of carbs and add veg, and then you could just up your meat, eggs are also pretty low carb and filling.

SSYMONDS Wed 01-Feb-17 14:03:49

I'm impressed that you make so much complicated food!

TheRippedOutPage Wed 01-Feb-17 15:01:25

I enjoy cooking 😁

BIWI Wed 01-Feb-17 19:32:15

How much fat are you eating? A low carb diet is supposed to be a high fat one - and that will also help you get your calories up.

(And definitely ditch the rice - way, way too carby!)

yumyumpoppycat Wed 01-Feb-17 21:04:06

Your plan sounds a lot like the blood sugar diet which is 800 cals and low carb - but not v low carb high fat. Generally people aim for 50g carbs on that diet and quite often people seem to go over 800 cals towards 1000. A lot of people have success on it, but like all diets it doesnt suit everyone. We have a thread in the fasting section if you want company from people doing similar?

Have to admit even on the blood sugar diet a decent portion of rice would be a nono but a small portion of wholegrain rice would be ok, esp if balanced out with extra veg. The diet encourages a Mediterranean diet - healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, oily fish etc), legumes/beans/ lentils, and lots of veg. I am a bit off the wagon at mo and dont always follow it that well with the food but did lose a fair bit of weight close to 40lbs at lowest (am up a few lbs at mo post christmas but think a decent week will sort that out).

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