Slim fast/Diet, My journey

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PoptartPoptart Wed 01-Feb-17 18:05:12

I wasn't judging you op, and my post was supposed to be supportive by suggesting something which you may not have considered. I was just trying to be helpful, that's all.
And yes, some homemade smoothies can be high in sugar, but it depends what you put in it. The veg based ones are a lot lower in sugar than fruit ones for example.

EllenAshSky1 Wed 01-Feb-17 13:41:43

I feel like this has been met with negativity which isn't needed-We're suppose to support each other,no?

To say "real food tastes better and is cheaper" that's you're own opinion.
"Are you actually over weight?" ... did I say I was? I've said I'm doing this for myself , because I've had two babies and I'm not happy with myself.
Not one word from them
Comments were supportive or positive. Just judging and saying to do this a different way. That's really sad.

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EllenAshSky1 Wed 01-Feb-17 13:24:26

I tend to over eat though, so just have a bar is easier for me.
I wouldn't say I'm REALLY over weight but I'm not happy with my weight. Really would like to lose a stone

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EllenAshSky1 Wed 01-Feb-17 13:23:17

Also, if you actually read up on it, smoothees can have as much sugar in as a large Coke.

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specialsubject Wed 01-Feb-17 13:23:17

Watch those sugary breakfast bars too. Real food has fewer calories, tastes better and is cheaper.

BTW how tall are you? Are you actually overweight?

EllenAshSky1 Wed 01-Feb-17 13:21:40

Easier said then done.
But thanks.

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PoptartPoptart Wed 01-Feb-17 13:05:39

Slim fast shakes are quite high in sugar though. Why not try making your own smoothies with veg/fruit? There are lots of ideas online.


EllenAshSky1 Tue 31-Jan-17 21:17:10

First day over;
Chicken and sweetcorn and kidney beans
One rice cake
Raisins, dried banana and cashews.

I no where near drank as much water as I should have!! But I've always been bad for that.
I had a headache but that's probably through basically not drinking!!
Felt to give up a couple of times but I'm proud of myself I didn't.

I'm going to weigh myself on Friday.
Some days I may just have a shake in the morning and then have a healthy lunch and dinner, if I'm not feeling to have another shake for dinner. I'm just going to see how I feel day to day.

Now for tomorrow..


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EllenAshSky1 Tue 31-Jan-17 08:30:57

My thinking behind this is if I come here and write how I'm getting on- I'll be more focused.
I'm 30, two babies and I weigh 11.10 and a half!
My goal is to get to 10.10lbs but even getting to 11 stone I'll be happier!
I've bought slim fast shakes, a couple natural breakfast bars and I'm going to do no take always at all as that's my down fall!!!!
After having my son I lost 18lbs by eating my dinner at lunch time and then something light come evening time... I'm now going to do this again but including slim fast shakes and see how I get on!
My plan is- a bar in the morning before nursery run, a shake when I come home.
Exercise while my son is at nursery and then once I've picked him up (around lunch time) I can have my dinner at 1pm (meat and veg or salad)
Come afternoon if I'm peckish have fruit or a bar. In the evening have a shake.
If after the shake I'm hungry later I'll have some fruit or a yogurt.

I'm still drinking Diet Coke! I know it's bad but once they're gone I won't buy anymore!!

Day one... let see how I get on!!
Anyone else on a diet or doing the shakes or have done them before?

I'm going to weigh myself next on Saturday morning...4 while days doing this hopefully I've lost even that half a LB!!


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